Play Online: Mad Catz SFIV FightStick

Play Online writes:

"Confidence; I think that is the best word to describe what Mad Catz has put together here. You can feel confident that you'll get a stick that is pretty darn good for the money that you've spent, and you can feel confident in knowing that it is a joystick that can become better as your needs change. The FightStick is not an arcade-level stick -- just so we're clear on that -- but for what it is, it is a solid, dependable, well-built product. I can't say for certain that you'll feel the same, because controllers are a hugely subjective topic when it comes to the world of video games. What I can say, however, is that this is absolutely a stick you should give consideration to, especially if you are a Joe Average like me when it comes to joysticks and just aren't certain what your best options are."

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