GamePyre: Dungeon Maker 2 Review

GamePyre writes:

"While the character customization is week from a visual perspective, from a gameplay perspective is original and interesting. I like the fact that what you eat affects your stats. I also like the fact that for the first time ever an RPG/hack-n-slash game finally realized that humanoids have more then just one finger on each hand. I've seen some girls with rings on their thumbs (I'm pretty sure they weren't magical), but I'm more then happy with this game's ability to let me equip 8 magical rings at once. Basically, if you don't really care about sound and the fact that your character looks like Harry Potter and if you have lots of free time, then Dungeon Maker II - The Hidden War would be a game that you might just get a kick out of. However, I'm going to mention this again just so you can't say that I did not warn you; this game is very slow moving."

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