Worms XBLA finally certified

Worms long-awaited Xbox Live Arcade release got a little closer today, with the news that the Team 17 classic has officially passed its certification process.

Team 17 marketing director Martyn Brown told Eurogamer the good news earlier this morning, but admitted a release date has yet to be confirmed.

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calderra4306d ago

Too bad it's not, say, Worms:Armageddon instead of the slightly nuked version we're getting. But 'tis a small complaint- I can't wait for this game!

Mr Murda4306d ago

This would be great if they give us some downloadable content in the future (weapons pack, missions, and stuff). Armageddon was the SNEEZE!

nicodemus4306d ago

Yeah. This is going to be good stuff!

Pathetic N4G Website4306d ago

I predict this will take the crown of the most played XBLA title for some time to come.

Whoever said it's a nuked version, I know what you mean but it's not really. W:A is good for the hardcore on PC, this one was designed with XBLA in mind from the ground up and will fit perfectly in the ''casual gamespace''

I just can't wait anymore !