Electric Playground: The Rise of the Argonauts Review

Though light on both RPG and action elements, Rise of the Argonauts has a strong story and excellent character design.

• Beautiful character and creature models
• Variety of weapons
• Clever upgrade system
• Achievements based on dialogue choices
• Strong story

• Nice looking but generally empty environments
• Stiff animation
• Not a game for people who dislike dialogue

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Sangria3574d ago

"Beautiful character and creature models "
"Beautiful main character" > fixed.
Honestly, do not trust that review, do not even consider Rise Of The Argonauts may be somehow good.

The story is as predictable as possible, only the main character Jason benefits in a good modeling (all the others are just dirty crap), there are sh!tloads of framerate falls, aliasing, clipping, you have no depth of field, combat system is just lame and you finish the game in less than 7 hours.

Really, if there is a single thing of your entire life you should trust, it's to not buy that game.
(the only point where i agree is the clever link between dialogues and skill upgrade).