There's a lot of great Wii games that will be out in the coming months, including Punch-Out!!, House of the Dead Overkill, Klonoa, and several others. However, very few of them will match up to the forthcoming side-scrolling action game Muramusa: The Demon Blade.

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GWAVE3574d ago

Buy a Wii. This game is one of my most-anticipated games, if for no other reason than it was made by Vanillaware, the developers of Odin Sphere. THAT right there is reason enough to pay attention to it. I hope the Wii haters pay attention to this game. Oh, but they won't...

Chug3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

This game definately stands out from most of the garbage that comes out on the wii. Looks really cool, wish I could play it.

ChampIDC3574d ago

The few amazing games like this make me wish I had a Wii, but I can't justify buying one simply because such games are so few and far between.

callahan093574d ago

Completely agree GWAVE. Odin Sphere was amazing, GrimGrimoire was really good, and this game looks like it could top them both. Go VanillaWare!

caladbolg7773574d ago

First reaction: Ho-sh!t, it looks like Odin Sphere!
First realization: Ho-sh!t, from the makers of Odin Sphere!

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Simon_Brezhnev3574d ago

it looks good remind me of Shinobi 3 on genesis :( i really wish it was on PSN

qface643574d ago

well im in i wasn't too sure of getting this game but i saw all i need its now a day 1 purchase for me

Product3574d ago

Gorgeous backgrounds, anybody else notice Marvelous Entertainment had involvement which you might remember them from No More Heroes and Killer 7.
Looks like a great game although this looks to be a very specific type of game...........i see the westerners might not buy this and instead buy Madworld.To bad because this looks like what i would want from many games right now trying way to much in 3D.To many people are not giving 2D the attention it still and always will deserve.

Smacktard3574d ago

Finally some love for this game. It's probably my most anticipated game of 2009.

AWBrawler3574d ago

Whats a Smacktard? if you don't mind me asking?

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The story is too old to be commented.