Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Unknown Pleasures 2009: Zeno Clash Interview

Rock, Paper, Shotgun writes: "Zeno Clash is different. Which is refreshing. A melee-focused first-person game in the Source engine, in a world that doesn't look like anything else around. Which isn't a thing you get to say about many games. Nominated in the 2009 IGF Awards, the independent game from the start-up Chilean developer is rapidly gathering attention. We've had a preview of a few levels, and spoken to one of the founding members of the ACE Team, Edmundo Bordeu, which marvellously you'll find below.

The most important thing Zeno Clash has to get right is the melee combat. There's no question that they've nailed the art design (although some more colour balance is needed, the gorgeous backgrounds tend to be so colourful that spotting your enemy can be tricky), the voice acting is quite remarkably good, and even the weapons are completely novel. What will make or break it is how convincing the one-on-one fighting feels."

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