Extreme Gamer: Moon Review

Extreme Gamer writes: "Renegade Kid follows up their enthralling first release, Dementium: The Ward with the equally interesting Moon. Moon is another clever approach to gaming on the DS that pulls off the near impossible, making a good shooter on the graphically challenged platform. 384,403 km from the center of earth, gamers explore the underground alien structure that has been hidden right in front of our eyes for centuries. This is Moon, welcome to the dark side."


* Rich storyline that keeps the player guessing
* Intuitive control scheme and gameplay mechanics
* Plenty of simple puzzles which breaks up the monotony of straight shooting
* Map is always present so you never get lost
* Fresh approach to shooters on the Nintendo DS


* Could have used a little more exploration
* Sound effects can get annoying in long sittings
* A few bugs that can bite you pretty bad
* Combat gets repetitive

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