OPM March Issue Scores

The Official PlayStation Magazine(March 2009 Issue) is out, here's a list of scores from their magazine.

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Panthers3576d ago

Nice score for RE5!

Cant wait for that one.

Chris3993576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Still a miss for me, sorry.

The 360 demo wasn't terribly impressive either and I don't get the fuss about how "gorgeous" the game is, when it's really just the character models - and they have fairly poor facial animations. The environments are bland, low-textured and completely unable to be interacted with.

It feels like another next-gen/last-gen in HD game.

I'll play the PSN demo when it comes out, just to give it another go, but still skeptical that there will be any earthshaking differences to sway my opinion.

Congrats to whoever fancies the game though. Just seems like more of the same to me. Only worse, as nothing has really been improved except for the graphics, and even then, only marginally. Not everything has to be utterly innovative, but I really wish gamers would stop giving a free pass to games with mediocre improvements.

To give an example from each system. Gears of War, could not have been done on an original Xbox. Killzone 2, could not have been done on a PS2.

Resident Evil 4, can and was done on all last-gen systems. And from everything that I've read and played so far, this game is just RE: 4 in HD.

I'll buy it after a month or two, once they hype wears off and all the trade-ins hit the bargain bin.

SCThor3576d ago

Resident Evil 5 - 5/5

Project Origin- 4/5.

Loco Roco 2- 4.5/5

Sonic Unleashed- 2/5,

Skate 2- 4.5/5

King_many_layers3576d ago

@ Chris339

what on earth were you expecting ??

Why are so many people expecting it to be bloody run and gun, this is frustrating me to no end that people want it to completely change it's genre.
The game has taken a drastic change of direction allready (from the demo) as it's lost it's horror aspect. To me that's my major dissapointment, the game itself is ok, it's not as good as RE4 because it feels a little weird to control now (my opinion)

I would have prefered it if turning your camera was constantly on the right analog.

But seriously, it's supposed to be a survival horror, it would be so much easier if it was run and gun. It just wouldn't be resident evil in any way shape or form except the story. It's allready lost most of what it once was, why go and get rid of all of it.

/rant over/

Chris3993576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

This is supposed to be "next-gen" after all.

I'm not some Halofan4life, FPS RULEZ sorta person. But with the advances in technology, I thought that games were supposed to become more realistic.

Dead Space was quite well executed and had a run and gun mechanic. A run and gun mechanic does not necessarily make a game "easier": ammo can be scarce, the atmosphere can be oppressive, the enemies can be smarter/ more agile/ more plentiful. Design choices are what affect the challenge of a survival horror game, and I don't agree with the ones the RE has made.

As well, the control scheme for Resident Evil has remained relatively the same for over a decade. Enough is enough. How many times do you plan on purchasing the same piece of software with updated graphics and a new number stamped on it?

The fact that a seasoned marine (cop/ whatever he is), isn't trained well enough to run let alone WALK backwards while using a fire-arm is ludicrous.

Oh, and I stand by my point that the game is graphically unimpressive aside from the character models.

There just isn't enough here for ME to warrant a $70 Canadian + tax purchase.

More power to you if you see greater value in the game then I do. I sincerely hope that you enjoy it.

- C

P.S. And I second your point that the game has lost it's survival horror edge, the atmosphere is much more action oriented. Sort of like a crippled Devil May Cry w/ zombies.

Sevir043576d ago

expected things to improve over what was perfect for last gen, it's much the same why i left feeling ripped off after play DMC4. a total last gen experience on a new gen console with HD resolutions. Though

The only break through i see with this game is that it added better graphics, co-op and a limited online play. apart from that nothing's changed.

So I agree with you. These games had higher potential, but just go a graphics update. Dead space to me was the turning point of why i fell away from RE5, everything about Dead space was well executed. I'll be passing on Re5 for sure.

Nothing else.

Panipal20053576d ago

Your SOLE complaint is the whole 'no shooting without stopping' thing?

You know there are all kinds of games with very different gameplay mechanics. Re4/5 is only one of them, and you'll never guess, it's perfectly possible to be fun to play.

You're missing out.

Chris3993576d ago

- No run and gun mechanic.
- After playing Dead Space, it just doesn't seem "scary". And Dead Space wasn't terrifying by any means, but it had all the key survival horror components: limited ammo, tough enemies, claustrophobic/ eerie environments, great atmosphere.
- Character models are nice, facial animations are off - a long cry from the "Uncanny Valley" and more akin to early Godzilla flicks.
- Environments are bland.
- Aside from some of the graphics and the online component, nothing feels very "next-gen".

I'm not saying that this will be a bad game, I just don't understand how every review/ preview has the same complaints listed and yet this game gets a free pass.

I'm not excited about it. That's great if you - and a lot of other people - are. Hope that you all like the game. Who knows, maybe it'll be your copy I pick up in the bargain bin :)

Panipal20053576d ago

- No run and gun mechanic.

Must it have one? Why? Because some people, such as you, can only handle one particular shooter mechanic? Not willing to, as it were, try different experiences?

- After playing Dead Space, it just doesn't seem "scary".

Never played RE1, 2, or 3, so I can't judge them for 'scariness'. I don't think RE4 was going for 'scary' (you say scary, I think Fatal Frame/Siren), it was going for 'panic inducing' in that you're constantly being surrounded. RE5 is going along the same path.

Also -

- The fact that a seasoned marine (cop/ whatever he is), isn't trained well enough to run let alone WALK backwards while using a fire-arm is ludicrous.

I take it you never played RE4 to completion, or if you did you must have found this an issue and hated it, after all Leon's a Secret Service agent with acrobatic skills who can't walk backwards while firing.

- Character models are nice, facial animations are off - a long cry from the "Uncanny Valley" and more akin to early Godzilla flicks.

I tell you what, I'll give you this one - if it isn't any different in the full game.

- Environments are bland.

What's bland about them? I'm not seeing 'bland'. This just seems like you're looking for things to complain about or make bullet-points about.

- Who knows, maybe it'll be your copy I pick up in the bargain bin :)

I doubt it, I don't sell or trade my games in. Although that's largely due to the insulting prices the shops offer :)

Chris3993576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Yes, I played RE: 4 till completion and didn't enjoy it either. I have played every iteration of the franchise except for the Wii version and including the Dreamcast version, so I think that my opinion has a good deal of experience behind it.

Should it have a run and gun mechanic? Yes. The mechanic exists because it WORKS AND IS REALISTIC. Almost every person who has played the game wishes that the feature was implemented. You are the exception.

As far as the mood of the game, it is survival HORROR. It should induce fright, that is it's purpose. If you had played the first few games in the series, you would know that they are sparsely-munitioned, cinematic, jump-fests. The emphasis is on survival, stealth and conservation (of life and ammo). It is not a zombie-mowing gun extravaganza. And if the latter is the choice the developers decided upon, would it not make sense to have complimented a better control scheme to compliment change in atmosphere? (Aka: Run and Gun)

If you have a copy of the demo, I suggest that you load it and take a discerning look at the environments - they are poorly textured and low-poly. Hence I refer to them as "bland".

Again, all of this is merely my opinion, you are more than entitled to your own.

It's clear that we disagree, and that's cool. You enjoy your purchase, and I will enjoy my purchase of something else (or a second-hand version).


P.S. I'm not looking to make "bullet points" or for things to complain about. I am a consumer, and my money has value to me. I am critical in how I make my purchases. I also would like to see gaming evolve as an adult form of entertainment. And I personally (again, this is just my opinion and something we may disagree over) don't believe in supporting a franchise that doesn't seem - to me - to have done anything intriguing or creative over it's last iteration. Supporting titles in the industry that do not exhibit growth will not lead to artistic creativity in the future. It just tells a developer:
"That's alright, put another number and a new coat of paint on it and you can have my $70".

Panipal20053575d ago

You could have just said it should be the same as every game ever. There's no arguing with someone like you, you lack reasonable arguments.

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi3576d ago

Cool;) I'm glad us PS3 owners get the better version!!! ;-D
(xBot Zombie Lemmings don't like me saying that!!!) ;-D

Ghyst3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

How do you possibly have the march issue? i can see having the feb issue, but march?

I call fake, no images from the mag? ....

LordDhampire3576d ago

magazines come out month ahead for subscribers

Stu19813576d ago

No. Subscription copies do not come out a whole month before the stores.

Ghyst3576d ago

I guess none of those games are important anyway, but they should still need scans, just because none of the games are big.

switch-it3576d ago

RE5, F.E.A.R. 2 and Skate 2 isnt big enough for you?

Meryl3576d ago

I can't still believe they gave it more than killzone 2, thats bad considering how the controls are awkward and the camera angle can be 2, they should have scored it lower if they can put down killzone 2 for no having co-op then they should put down re5 for having clunky controls and bad camera angles and for making the same thing but hd, oh well i will still buy it anyway coz i love the re franchise.
oh well i am happy killzone 2 scored what id did, and many other reviewers have given it a higher score of 10/10 anyway so i'm happy.

King_many_layers3576d ago

if I'm correct in believeing this is american OPM then I'm afraid you're mistaking. They scored it 5/5, it was uk and some others that gave a 9.

but if I'm wrong then I do thoroughly agree, judging by impressions of the beta testers in this place.

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