PSX Extreme: OutRun Online Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "OutRun is easily Sega's most accessible franchise, it doesn't require any grasp of vehicular physics, and in fact, requires that you toss any sense of realism out of the window. Drifting cars at speeds of over 150MPH is ludicrous, but OutRun lets you do it. When Sega brought OutRun to the Xbox, it brought an all new audience to the franchise, and it has since appeared on the PlayStation 2, as well. Now, we're getting a downloadable online OutRun game.

Before I continue, know that the PlayStation 3 version of OutRun Online will be available only via PSN Europe, and that's because the X360 has exclusivity for the American market. But, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, American gamers can still purchase content off of foreign PlayStation Networks, so I don't see this as being a major problem."

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