Eurogamer: Dreamcast: A Forensic Retrospective

In the annals of console history, the Dreamcast is often portrayed as a small, square, white plastic JFK. A progressive force in some ways, perhaps misguided in others, but nevertheless a promising life cut tragically short by dark shadowy forces, spawning complex conspiracy theories that endure to this day. So to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its launch, which passed recently, Eurogamer is going all CSI to consider who - or what - killed the Dreamcast.

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fishd3607d ago

If you are looking for the main reason that why so many ppl all over internet hate Sony,this is your answer,so many bitter DC fanboy out there

kewlkat0073607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

The games Dreamcast did have, were some of the best I've played before PS2 came about which covered just about any Genre you can name of. With Online gaming as well. Plenty of 1st party games.(but that will never be good enough, unless your Nintendo)

If you think there are many bitter Dreamcast fans, then I'm sure there is just as much bitter Nintendo fans.

SEGA was always one step ahead but the Industry just wasn't ready or paying much attention. Sony have been very good business men, just ask Toshiba, so nothing wrong with that, it is what it is. Again some like to think Sony as the only Innovator.

Dreamcast had some Quality titles for a small Library but I think a majority of Dreamcast owner jumped unto Xbox.

GrieverSoul3607d ago


You´re kinda right! At first I blamed PS2 for the DC demise but after buying a PS2 I understood what it was all about and the console was really good.

Still, SHENMUE 1 and 2, JET SET RADIO, Resident Evil Code Veronica, ChuChu rocket, Soul Reaver, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive 2, and many others made my Dreamcast days worth every cent I gave for it!

Tony P3607d ago

Maybe "fanboys" were angry with Sony. But fanboys are fanboys. I have to object to being lumped in with this suggested pool of disgruntled gamers.

It was a great system I enjoyed thoroughly, mainly after PSO dropped. Had many a late night and late school morning with it. This was one of the few consoles I actually bought at launch after waiting in line at a crowded Software Etc. on 9/9/99. It was the same day FFVIII came out so I was doubly excited, hopping around the store like Mario on crack. I hadn't been that amped since I got FFVII and my first Playstation in '97.

Anyway, I enjoyed the crap out of my DC before and after discontinuation. My favourite feature was the VMU which I took everywhere playing the odd mini-game. And felt slightly superior when my glorious fun shamed others for not supporting the DC :P

The VMU was Genius, son. Like buying two game systems in one. Can't help that it felt like SEGA making up for Sony's failure to port the Pocketstation.

I'll always love my DC. But as gaming goes, something incredible in the form of the PS2 came along. I don't begrudge the PS2 its successes; it certainly deserves them. Rather I'd remember both for the years of fun they brought and continue to provide as true giants of gaming. *salute*

callahan093607d ago

I was a Dreamcast fanboy. I was 15 when the Dreamcast came out, and I worked a job doing landscaping to save up and buy one with my own hard earned money on 9/9/99. That system was downright awesome, and I didn't particularly like the PS2 when it came out because of it. I was a fanboy because I was a stupid teenager that could only afford one console, and it was the first console I payed for with my own money, that I earned through doing hard outdoor labor. I guess it was pride because it represented something special to me that I earned that system and those games myself, rather than receiving them from my parents.

I was somewhat of a PSone fanboy before the Dreamcast came out, but not as hardcore about it because my parents bought the PSone for me. I genuinely thought it had the best games, so I liked it the best, but I also appreciate the N64 and the Saturn when I played them at friends houses, and eventually got both of those systems, too.

All during last generation I was primarily a fan of the Xbox and GameCube. At the start of this generation, though, I got a 360 and loved that. I got a Wii and loved that. Then, I got a PS3 and loved that. Looking back on the library of games I've got for my PS2, that's got to be one of my all-time favorite consoles now. See, I didn't appreciate it at first because of some ridiculous teenage sentiments I had lingering, but now, looking back, it's clear that it's library is among the best of all time, period.

These days, the PS3 is my favorite system, for a couple reasons: I prefer the games that you can find on PS3 and 360 to the games on the Wii. I mean, I like my Wii and I play it, but it doesn't have as many games that I'm currently interested in. I'm talking about games like Oblivion, Fallout 3, Call of Duty 4, Grand Theft Auto IV, Bioshock, etc. Reason I prefer the PS3 is because it's quieter and it has free online. Silly to some, I know, but those factors are important to me. The 360's got games I love like Fable 2, Gears 2, Halo 3, etc., and so the system is great and worth my time, but I prefer to play a game without the loud whirring that I hear whenever my 360 is on (and no, installing games to the hard drive doesn't eliminate it on my console like some people claim it does). And in terms of just... subjective opinion, when not considering the games or whatever, I love the PSN and that it's free. Xbox Live is nice and has more features, but I resent the expense when I get all the functionality I truly need on my PS3 for free.

So, long story... summed up... I love all game systems, but each cycle I develop my preference for what I think is the better one, the one I just simply prefer. It won't make me refuse to play games on the other machines, because I've owned every single console since the NES, and loved them. But it doesn't mean I can't have a favorite. And it doesn't mean that when the generation wraps up and I look back on it all that my favorite at the time will still be my favorite in hindsight. Like how I changed my mind about the PS2 in hindsight. Anyway, I think it's natural for someone to have an opinion on which console they like the best, even if they own all of them and enjoy games on all of them. There is no right answer, you have to figure out for yourself which is the best. But there's always a little fun to be had in trying to convince others that your opinion is the one they should follow too. Hahaha.

MNicholas3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

at a time when each new console was brought significant new innovations in visuals and gameplay.

When Sony announced the PS2, they put out some amazing looking tech demos that were simply far beyond anything the Dreamcast could muster. One of the key difference was that the PS2 was capable of pushing far more polygons than the Dreamcast. At that time, increases in polygon count made a huge difference to visuals.

Despite the complaints by Dreamcast fans that Sony somehow mislead the public, the reality is that actual PS2 games significantly exceeded those Sony tech demos. The presence of a DVD player made a big difference as well.

There are plenty of youtube videos showcasing the best of each machine.

Information Minister3606d ago

I loved my Dreamcast, and one of my biggest regrets as a gamer is that I never owned a Saturn. The Saturn was a great system that suffered from the fact that it presented new challenges for developers with it's revolutionary architecture. Also SEGA's higher-ups were unable/unwilling to push the system much like Sony is doing right now with the PS3 (a console that reminds so much of the Saturn). Better support for the Saturn could have spelled success for the Dreamcast.

Which brings me to my point: if anyone destroyed SEGA as a hardware manufacturer, it was Bernie Stolar (Google if you don't know who he is) and not another hardware company. Remember his no 2D games/no RPGs policy? The man doesn't know the first thing about gamers and the few years he spent at the helm of SEGA were the worst in the company's history.

Also contrary to what this article suggests, the Dreamcast was not technically superior to the PS2.

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Cajun Chicken3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

I think things could of worked out quite differently for Dreamcast if it had a DVD player as its main drive.

My parents unexpectedly got me a secondhand Dreamcast years ago whilst I was in my highschool once the DC had pretty much died out as a retail product and I was completely suprised how great the machine was. My first games with the machine was Powerstone, Powerstone 2 and MDK2.

Because DC games were difficult to get hold of back then and it was a dead platform, I actually started copying the games with Clone CD borrowing them off people. I still aim to build up my DC collection, secondhand (when I can) and copied.

One of my DC's closing mechanism stopped working about a year ago (tried everything, seemed like the inside was broke, had to keep it half open/half closed to play games), so I bought a new one for £20. I will always make sure I have a DC in my console collection. I own 3 controllers, 2 official VMUs (the most impressive whilst playing Silent Scope, B&W scope FTW), one unofficial VMU and about 10 games.
Really good console, its a shame people never latched onto it. Good consoles don't deserve to die. Especially when they have games like Powerstone 2 on them.

I've always said since the PSP came out that it reminded me of a handheld DC, the number of controls are the same; one anologue stick, 4 face buttons, two shoulders, D-pad and a start button. In a perfect twist, I now own Powerstone Colelction and Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars.

GodGinrai3607d ago

I also have a boot up disc that allows me to play jap games .i aslo got saturn pad converters for my fighting games .SF3 on dreamcast is an arcade perfect port.and vampire chronicles(darkstalker 1,2and 3 on one disc) is a joy to play.i had my ps2 for stuff like tekken and GT,MGS2and 3, though i bought a copy of campcom vs snk 2 for my ps2 so my freinds could quit whinin about there preference of controller,i still prefer it on DC.It is a great machine.

I think one thing all DC owners should have learned from owning it was two consoles are better then one and that loyalty to a console brand is completly fruitless and immature.

Mcrmarcher3607d ago

Had some good times with my DC, still do, thats how epic it is =P

Marceles3607d ago

Probably the most underrated system ever released. It just didn't get that much support. I'm glad I still have mine

aftrdark213607d ago

MS killed the DC. If you look at a DC controller and then an Xbox 1 controller they were almost identical. Same button assignment. Two memory slots on the top. only difference is the extra buttons and the extra analog stick. If you look on the front of the DC it even has "Powered by Windows CE". At least mine does. I think MS killed the DC b/c they didn't want to have an additional competitor outside of Sony and Nintendo. Anyway, the DC was a very underrated console. I still have mine and after all this time it still works!

Imagine that!

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