Pedophiles could target kids using Microsoft's Xbox 360

Sundaymercury writes:

PEDOPHILES could be using on-line Xbox 360 games to groom their future victims, the head of cyber security at Microsoft has revealed.

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TrevorPhillips3521d ago

if this is true i aint letting my lil sister go near the 360 unless im right next 2 her and that she can only play offline not online

GWAVE3520d ago

Well, Xbox Live isn't directly to blame for this problem. Pedophiles -- unfortunately -- will use any and every means of accessing children to their advantage. However, it does need to be mentioned that XBox Live has a horrible reporting system for these sorts of things. Worse yet, Microsoft has made it clear in the past that they really don't give a rip as long as someone is a paying Xbox Live customer.

ChampIDC3520d ago

It's not just Live. It's any online medium. These people will do anything to get at the kids.

hippo243520d ago

This isn't a problem with the Live its a problem with the internet, and pedophiles.

At least Microsoft is concerned about it, and making an effort to combat it. Hopefully other gaming mediums will follow the example and really crack down on those sick bastards.

ZootHornRollo3520d ago

a pedo can just make a fake myspace and lure kids.


who talks about myspace anymore? its outdated and lame, this is about pedos luring small kids

ZootHornRollo3520d ago

a pedo can just adopt a child or steal one or befriend a mom that has a child.

the internet isnt the bets place for pedos.

people now days jump on the band wagon. KILL THE PEDO

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Why dis3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

And 40 year old fanatics spending 24/7 bashing MSFT enjoy a platform free of these kinds of problems lol(hunting for anti MSFT news wasting their life because of the competition).

Gaidrius3521d ago

Chill out, man. I see your point, but every post you make seems to make everyone hate you. Do you do this on purpose? Another thing: Do you even check your PM?

Why dis3521d ago

O look here is one of them now. A non 360 gamers coming in a 360 room to check out the topic ;)

Gaidrius3521d ago

C'mon. Man, What's your deal? Seriously. Your arrogance is astounding and your bad grammar doesn't help you not sound like an eighth grader. I keep telling you that I have a 360 and you still insist that I am a PS3 fanboy? Come off it. Why do you keep assuming everything?

BlindMonkey3520d ago

Who cares if a sony fan comes in here. This concerns everyone not just 360 owners. If i had a little brother of sister i would not allow them to play online for this reason alone. So go back in your cave you troll and wait for the next person to flame.

silvacrest3520d ago

why dis/POG is a known troll on n4g

if you want to no why everyone seems to hate him just look at his comment history

i dont think anyone noes his true intentions but to be honest i dont care and neither should anyone else

Antan3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

"O look here is one of them now. A non 360 gamers coming in a 360 room to check out the topic ;)"

And the difference with you in a PS3 thread is?

Hypocrite much?

Lol, still the same old POG...Always good for a laugh.

On Topic-:

Applies to ANY online service, not just XBL.

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outlawlife3521d ago

pedophiles are sick people and use any form of media, any form of communication to groom their victims

xbox live is an internet service and should be treated just as youd treat a site like myspace or facebook or a chatroom of any sort

Hellsvacancy3520d ago

Those dirty mo-fos get every-where man i remember readin an article sayin that "they" use Ps Home aswell

Shoot on site thats wot i say

Huh3520d ago

if i had a little sister i would buy her a playstation 3

caffman3520d ago

rather than just not getting her an xbox gold account. Love the logic jackass

Foxgod3520d ago

Ofcourse, the ps3 is a safe haven where no bad people exist, everyone who owns a ps3 is a honest person.
So Pedo's could not possibly own a ps3.

You have been eating mushrooms have not you ?

king dong3520d ago

everyone just de-bubble him

hippo243520d ago

Yea because the pedophiles wouldn't dare cross Sony.

buy a wii if you concerned about online security, voice chat isn't even allowed on it.

caffman3520d ago

but since you have to type in a number.........

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Spike473520d ago

Either way now you know how PS3 fans felt when the PS3 launched...sort of.

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