Tomonobu Itagaki Interview

Tomonobu Itagaki, the creator of Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, is a man that likes to speak his mind and do things his way. He's been an evangelist of Xbox right from its introduction but the launch of PlayStation 3 has seen his studio's attention shift its Xbox-exclusive focus slightly.

A revamped version of Ninja Gaiden: Black is already in the works for PS3 and Itagaki talks exclusively to CVG about his future plans for some of our favourite titles.

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nicodemus4306d ago

He had better be making Ninja Gaiden 2. The original on the xbox was one of my favorite games, and it is way past due for a continuation on the 360!

grifter0244306d ago

Yes thats true...but I like how in the beginning the interviewer said he was changing allegiances but during the whole interview he said nothing of the sort... Funny... I dont know why they say Virtual Fighter is the best fighter it just looks like an arcade fighter.

Bhai4306d ago

From the interview:
"Finally, how do you see the Japanese game industry five years down the line? Which platform(s) do you think will be dominant in Japan?

Itagaki: Once I decided to start developing games for the Xbox, I realised that there is no point to thinking of things that relate to only one country. We are the transmitters, and the world is the receiver. That way of thinking won't change -- not today, not tomorrow."

Although he does know the answer to that...its PS3 baby, P-S-3 !!!

power of Green 4306d ago

You think the PS3 will out do the Wii?, the Wii is the DS of console's over there. He does know the answer to that... and that's why he said what he did even though it's the truth but at the same time he's making title's on 360 and PS3; what else is he going to say.

grifter0244305d ago

Whoa Whoa Tomonobu is not making games for ps3 his underlings made a port of BLACK thats all.. Get your facts straight GReen