Crispy Outlook 2009: Halo Wars

Microsoft hands the Halo IP to the Age of Empires devs, and two Crispy writers muse on the strategic repercussions.

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dgroundwater3575d ago

They dont seem to happy about the "Halo" theme. That is my a big draw to the game for me! I already know what the units are like etc. Plus a good dev at the helm... What's not to like?

IQUITN4G3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Yeah love the Halo world.It's fine that people bang on about how the Halo story is not that good or even lame but it's followed religiously.As a story it's very appealing to a great deal many and so i don't really get the criticism.Very few fps have the same following and that IS down to it's compelling story and of course how much FUN it is

I questioned the graphic quality of Halo3 under first inspections but the visuals for this game are actually quite lush in a far more subtle way - beautiful in fact