Nidzumi inTouch: Monospace Review

Nidzumi writes: "Puzzle games are a dime a dozen on mobile devices but the way you interact with the iPhone makes even old puzzlers new again. Although old is a term that couldn't really be applied to Monospace. Granted it uses cubes that you have to get rid of but that's were the similarities stop.

Your objective is to control the blue cube to get rid of all of white cubes. Every move you make with the blue cube has to take out a white one meaning you have to think your path through each level carefully. The twist to Monospace is that these cubes are positioned inside a 4×4 3d cube and you get to flip it around to clear the level. For the most part this works incredibly well, it's challenging to think within this 3d space and it adds a lot of depth to what should be a basic game."

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