Rumor: Tekken 6 to have exclusive DLC for PS3?

Word around the net is the PS3 is going to have exclusive DLC for the upcoming Namco Bandai game, Tekken 6. 360 currently has been making a big impact in multiplatform games by purchasing exclusive DLC rights for the Microsoft brand. Much love to there fan base...

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Simon_Brezhnev3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

why the hell do ps3 need exclusive dlc u can fit it on blu-ray lmao

but on the real you know how Namco is send u a 54kb file to unlock shít thats already on the disc

outlawlife3579d ago

thats what will happen, namco has been aping gamers for a while

a good example of that is ace combat

Cwalat3579d ago

the least they can do.

INehalemEXI3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

they wanted what 5 bucks for yoda on PS3 and Vader on 360 right? That was ridiculous. Its like they are robbing people in broad daylight, I do however like the fact that PS3 will be getting some DLC sony always get robbed of DLC.

Danja3579d ago

I would have preferred not having to wait almost a whole year longer to play the game all becuase they couldn't resist a freakin M$ cheque...

I really dont care for DLC in fighting games..either so odds are I wont be buying....

Pandemic3579d ago

This is most likely Microsoft's DLC, as they only pay for DLC and not First Party Exclusives.....

ThanatosDMC3579d ago

Dont tell me "extra characters" that should have been in the game on release or costumes or something. They could all be fitted in the bluray. This will be lame!!!

Venomish3579d ago

it is namco right... hmmm new characters for $5 each?
they did that in Soul Calibur IV and they could do it in Tekken as well

uie4rhig3579d ago

if namco does that, it will probs be very easy for people to unlock it before the dlc has been released.. pretty much the same way as what happened to CoD4 mods on the PS3

HighDefinition3579d ago

Exclusive DLC is stupid on any system. I hope this trend stops.

Blaze9293579d ago

it was already rumored to be doing this like months ago. God i hate hiphopgamershow; people need to add that to their blocked websites list.

Anyway its no secret they'll pull a Soul Calibur 4 with exclusive dlc for each platform then end up having it be like 500KB dlc for stuff already on the disc.

"Tekken 6 developer Namco is “considering” platform-specific characters for its next beat-em-up instalment, similar to the Star Wars setup used by Soul Calibur IV, the developer has told CVG.

Speaking in an interview in London, game director Katsuhiro Harada said that although development focus is yet to shift from the Arcade version, Namco is already pondering downloadable content for consoles.

“We’re still working on the Arcade version, so there are no concrete plans [for the console versions] at the moment,” Harada said.

When quizzed on the chances of exclusive PS3 and Xbox 360 characters, the Tekken man said it could be quite difficult.

“Of course we would like to have something - as far as downloadable content goes - specific to platform. However on the other hand it is quite difficult to get Microsoft and Sony to sign off on having differences between the platforms,” he said.

“It is something we’re considering, but it is pretty difficult.”

Tekken 6 has just been dated for Autumn 2009. "

Skynetone3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

can keep there dlc

Megaton3578d ago

Scamco will never get a dime from me for any DLC. They've been the absolute worst, even lower than EA. Scamco blocks things on the disc until you pay extra for it.

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WhoaMan3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

I doubt it will be PS3 exclusive.
With the strategy Microsoft is using, they'll probably pay a few mils to secure this as their own.

sinny3579d ago

NAMCO + DLC = No Thanks

Venomish3579d ago

exactly, they are scam
1.99 for clothes you can unloack by playing the game
1.99 for only two pieces of clothe
4.99 for a character

Bnet3433578d ago

Hell yeah man, I don't even like playing SCIV anymore.

ShinFuYux3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

From the bitter fact that he's only getting such "rumors" out of his arse. He really needs to know how write better. Isn't there like some "editorial rule" that one must know how to write around a 7th grade level, so people can understand him or her?

This guy writes somewhere in-between the 2nd or 3rd grade level.

I'm just sayin'~

Either way; he states that the "rumored" downloadable content is, could be, new characters, new moves and items. First of all, the arcade usually gets the updates. Namco loves their arcades more than their console counter-part. If anything, namco would release new costumes, background music and winning/loosing poses(animation). But that's doubtful.

hydro-lx3579d ago

alright, tell me what part of the article you didn't understand? the way i see it.. students under 7th grade, i.e. you, don't understand this!

ShinFuYux3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Wait, where did I say I didn't understand him?

I am only giving some constructive criticism in that he needs to be more professional with his writing.

Philip J Fry3579d ago

"Much love to there fan base. Games like GTA 4, Fallout 3 are great examples of this, making there games the better purchase over PS3;"

The previous statement was taken directly from the article. In both instances the word "there" was spelled incorrectly, it should be spelled "their". You see, the word "there" names a place or location, and "their" shows ownership. Like this, "Much love to their fan base. Games like GTA 4, Fallout 3 are great examples of this, making their games the better purchase over PS3."

Hope this was helpful!!!

hydro-lx3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

in what context? as in, where was he unprofessional? and you mean me, i wrote it...

yes helpful, i corrected the mistakes, but this is no reason for shinfu to bash on me... for a little mistake... one super little mistake barely noticeable, and yet, there's these people, just lurking in the net to find a reason to hate someone!

@ unicorn, consistent mistakes i agree with you, but it was two, not even three... and I'm just starting with the whole journalism thing... i haven't been to school since i graduated since i enrolled to the marines (12 weeks training)... so yes my writing skills have loosened up, not my fault... no need to point out a grammar misuse, I've seen much much worse in more popular sites.

Unicron3579d ago

A typo and misuse of a word consistently are two different things. They aren't "little issues" really if we are expected to take all these constant blogs seriously, and in the same vein as "professional journalism." Basic grammar, spelling, and sentence structure is important and the basics of good journalism. Consistent errors don't exactly imbue the reader with a sense of "truth" if you follow me.

No, you shouldn't be insulted for it, but at the same time, credibility and availability of sources are certainly called into question, ESPECIALLY on a blog site.

ShinFuYux3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Don't abbreviate things, proofread what you wrote, and at least give us a source to this "word on the net".

That's all.

Rumors are usually started from a source, meaning, an interview with namco hinting there would be exclusive-downloadable content, or sony mentioning something in their blogs or official magazines. There's a million ways that a comment could hint something which can be interpreted into a rumor until official confirmation. For example, IGN did an interview with the prince of persia game director and he hinted that Altair is swimming in the next game. That time, he hinted as a sequel to the assassin's creed series, so that was a rumor until that rumor became official confirmation of assassin's creed 2.

pixelsword3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

That's what you wrote, ShinFuYux; given the fact that no one said anything about not understanding him before your quote, that would conclude that either you're confused on which article you're writing on, or it's you yourself that's not understanding what you're reading.

That's one.

(Don't abbreviate things, proofread what you wrote, and at least give us a source to this "word on the net")

-Abbreviations are in a lot of stories; ones including stocks, using a multitude of sources (etc.), and contractions; so that point is moot.

-Proofreading is also a moot point, as HHG didn't say anything incorrect on a base level, while on some technical he may have some infractions, but if you yourself can't list them, then why are you complaining about it?

-Giving sources... the weakest of your arguments. HHG stated this as a rumor, not a fact; which sites do all of the time and get caught most of the time: like posting price drops although Sony themselves stated that there will be no price drop, or Kotaku correcting themselves every other day when they aren't stealing articles outright, or GameTrailers faking footage on several occasions.

This coming off of your title "At least,,,,,,". What a world. :/

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Panthers3579d ago

Who cares.

Exclusive DLC is the biggest gimmick of this gen.

Well, after the Wii.

Unicron3579d ago

Gimmick? Maybe.

Insult to fans? Without a doubt.