THINK B3YOND: PS3 Wireless Keypad Review

"Online gaming is getting more and more popular by the day it seems. Just about every single game coming out these days has a multiplayer side to it and with multiplayer comes communication. This is where the new PS3 Wireless Keypad comes into play."

Check out the pros and cons in THINK B3YOND's review.

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CrippleH3574d ago

Looking at that picture I can see a panty and some butt cheeks.

Graphics Whore3574d ago

Lol, same. I think I might pick this up.

PS3istheshit3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

its too expensive for me. If you think about you could buy a game for the same price. more or less
I really want this bcuz i type so much to ppl on psn and the controller takes way too long
i typed up a whole paragraph of $hit and i accidently pressed circle so i was like f**k it and i just told him at skool
Bottom Line: I think its a great product and worth the price but money is tight as he11 but i would definately pick this up for $29.99.

But my real money is going to Killzone 2 and then im gonna have to save up to be poor. Im using $20 in cash and a $50 giftcard :)

Podrobski3574d ago

I have this and its class, worth every penny.