Do console sales make your system better?

Why are we concerning ourselves with sales? Last time I checked the only thing that effects our pocket books is the consumption of these video games. So why are you arguing over console sales?

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Why dis3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

To the consumers it does.

Sk8boyP3547d ago Show
Tony P3547d ago

Wow, you're a bitter little person.

blipboy743547d ago

FYI the consumers are gamers. Do you honestly think that matters to true gamers and do you think the Wii is a better system than the Xbox360 or PS3?

Maddens Raiders3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

lot to Greenberg these days too. Of course this equation doesn't work at all in that regard.

RebornSpy3547d ago

but sales affect prices, which are definitely important to gamers. And if one console sold poorly enough, it could mean terrible things for some gamers.

Honestly, I think both the 360 and PS3 have their own strengths and weaknesses. Neither is really better than the other overall. The Wii, however, sells well because of its casual fanbase. There are still plenty of hardcore Wii gamers, but without the casual gamers, the Wii wouldn't be selling as good as it is.

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legionx3547d ago

Sony avatar, check.
Killzone reference, check.
Needlessly insulting another console, check.
Well I think you covered all the bases..
does it matter who plays what? just enjoy gaming.

cayal3547d ago

"Simple mathematics. It sells more means more potential for sells of software there fore more developers making content for your system. If a system isnt selling well why would they spend the money to make a game on it that wont have enough ppl to buy it."

That would hold water except the PS3 probably has more exclusives than the 360 in 2009 (so far announced).

thereapersson3547d ago

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NickIni3547d ago

No it doesn't.

Do you hear parents discussing whether to buy a wii "because it's outsold the PS3 and 360"? No.

Sales. Don't. Matter. End.

socomnick3547d ago

AAaaaaaaa sk8boy the result of 13 year old inbreed hics having children.

Giriath3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Does the welfare of your country's economy affect you as a citizen? If your answer is no, then you're either living in some weird country or have cheese for brains. This is so simple that it's hard for me to see how people fail to understand it. Let's make another example: you live in a rented apartment, does the welfare of the landlord's economy affect you? Yes! If the landlord doesn't have any money, he can't possibly service the property he owns.

How does this apply for console sales? If Microsoft's or Sony's gaming division isn't doing well, they won't have enough money to publish and develop games or other software that they otherwise would. If they're doing really bad, they may even decide to pull the plug on the console in question, or even the whole division. No more games for you, the consumer.

There will always be more drastic changes when things are getting worse than there will when things are getting better. When profit is going down, they may pull planned games or other software. When profit is going up, some of that profit goes to the shareholders and the company to have as reserve, but some of it goes into development of games and software.

N4360G3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

You have sh*t for brains,that is all!!

Graphics Whore3547d ago

Why Dis, you're dumb. That's what needs to be said, the average consumer isn't even aware of these numbers, they don't care. All my friends who had an Xbox 360 now have a PS3. Is one better than the other, no it's not. Are sales more important to the piss-ant fanboy who can't afford a PS3? Yeah, that's why your spending your life on N4G bashing it.

SaiyanFury3547d ago

No, sales alone do not make a console better. MS has already shown their attitude many times with their statements regarding the 360 as MS only wants to unseat Sony. In Microsoft's logic, simple sales make them the best. I hate to burst their bubble, but the PS3 offers the best bang for buck when it comes to a purchase. Play games, BD movies, and wireless media connection out of the box as well as free online PSN play. Sales alone do not make the grade, it's functionality and value per dollar that ultimately matters. If sales were all that matters then Nintendo would be the best company as the Wii appeals to most people who don't value HD and core gaming. Sony strives to make the PS3 the best HD value and in that they succeed. You can play great games and as well enjoy great HD movies on BD. Don't give a $hit about HD movies? You can wirelessly stream video to your PS3 via your PC without even speaking of the disc drive.

Console sales alone do not make a better system. It's company competition that drives innovation and Sony has a healthy attitude towards that. MS doesn't have the same attitude. That's been shown in their own public statements.

Bubble Buddy3547d ago

It does in a way but not in another. For example: The Wii is not better than the 360 or PS3 because it sold more.

AAACE53547d ago

All it means is that a certain amount of people thought that that console was a better choice for them.

Somehow, people seem to think that having high sales makes it better, when in reality, it's the games that make it better. The average gamer wants quality and quantity. And which ever system gets close enough to what they want is the one they will buy!

The Dreamcast came out with some quality titles and had decent sales, but in the end, Sega just didn't give gamers the quantity that gamers wanted, which opened the door for Sony to fill in the gap and win the console war.

Millions of people bought the Ps2 cause it had tons of titles releasing every week and had lots of variety to choose from, so gamers always had something to look foward to and something new to play. They had the greatest hits collection that got more gamers in cause of quality and price.

No offense to anyone or any console, but most of the people who bought the Ps2 didn't buy it to wait for 2-3 AAA games a year! They were buying about 4 games a month at least! I know, cause I was one of them.

tplarkin73547d ago

I agree. A high selling console secures the long term viability. The question a consumer asks is, "Am I buying the next Sega Saturn or Atari Jaguar?"

FarEastOrient3546d ago

I missed the days when it was companies like Nintendo and Sega throwing the mud at each other during the 80s. Unlike today the console war seems more civilized and it isn't a small one either, you got entire empires like Sony and Microsoft competing with Nintendo whose entire bread and butter in the Wii and DS.

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Huh3547d ago

no if that was the case the wii would be the ferrari of this generation but its not the ps3 is the ferrari the wii is the bmw and the 360 is the four wheeled bicycle you give your son or daughter to practice on

CobraKai3546d ago

Wii is more like the two seater Smart Car girls are swooning over. And 360 is a Ford that ends up being a lemon.

Huh3547d ago

the pc is the lamborghini btw

DutyCalls3547d ago

but lamborgini is more flashy

ferrari ftw

FarEastOrient3546d ago

Those cars are nice but a Tesla, now that is something I'll dump money into. ^_^

Liquid Snake3547d ago

Put it this way. Just because Britney Spears sells millions of albums, it doesn't make her a better singer.

It all comes down to personal preferance and what games/features you like.

TapiocaMilkTea3547d ago

I guess it makes your console sell more on Ebay, so yes, it does.

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