PS3 should not be compared with Wii, says Sony Australia boss

SCE Australia boss Michael Ephraim has responded to criticisms of the PS3's high price point by stating that the console is in a different league to its rivals.

"We think PS3 is not a product to be compared with Wii, it is a completely different product. This is a digital hub, that is a games console," he told news site The Age.

"To maximise Xbox 360, you need Media Centre, you need a PC. And now if you want to play high-definition movies (and we can argue which format is going to win) you have to spend another AUD $249 [EUR 150]. Xbox is significantly dearer than PS3 for what it can do straight out of the box."

According to Ephraim, there is "no other product on the market" that offers digital content and Blu-ray features for the same price as PS3.

"We firmly believe that once demonstrated, the price becomes almost insignificant. A Blu-ray player currently is $1500 [EUR 900] and above. Just on the Blu-ray alone, there's value." However, Sony recently announced that Blu-ray players costing US $599 / EUR 450 are set to go on sale in the US this summer.

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InMyOpinion4305d ago

So, Wii and 360 are consoles for gamers while the Ps3 is a "digital hub" for tech heads? What the hell is he talking about?

PS360WII4305d ago

that one can say you have a digital hub that's a game console but there is no need to take such offence when compared to the Wii. We know it doesn't have the same specs, or disc space, or hook up to a pc but it's still a game console and that's what they are comparing it as. They compare the PS2 to the PS3 most of the time heck they even bring up the PSP so yes you can compare one game console to the other it's not a bad thing... ah well theirs my preach for the day (hopefully ><)

TheMART4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

Indeed, the PS3 shouldn't be compared with the Wii.

The Wii has a better business model.

Wii+360 the same price as one PS3. Europeans and Aussies know what to buy

@ Lebauski (below)

You're right. I also always say that. The Wii = fungaming. When you have friends over, having a beer and a party. Just for fun. Few games like Zelda have more then that.

But still. An extensive gaming experience with a premium online service is only on 360. You can't get it better then that. The combination of Wii +360 is a nice one though. Best of both worlds for different moments/times

Lebauski4305d ago

I guess it will show in a couple of years, who had the better business model.
Nintendo is making money right now, I agree. But that can change pretty soon - as we saw in the past.
I played the 360 and loved it. Played the Wii... not my type of games
(As a comedian said about the Wii: "Videogames are about sitting on a couch, drinking beer and eating pizza... not jumping around like in real sports!")

Bathyj4305d ago

I know what I'm buying in 23 days. i just dont know how many games I'll buy with it. So far, 4.

DonSqueak4304d ago

I honestly hope you're not buying a child...

super bill4304d ago

i see sony are bringing out or there must be running scared.

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