The Top 5 Things Every Shooter Needs

A list of the things that every competitive shooter needs in the current gaming age in order to achieve legendary status.

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dylz3606d ago

agree with most of this stuff but doubt many fps's will incorporate all 5

KenAdamsNSA3606d ago

We can dream can't we? :)

Maddens Raiders3606d ago

how can they leave off Blu-Ray? This is what I want all of my shooters ((need)) to be on....

Panthers3606d ago

Socom has a lot of those including rank that reflects skill and a strong community. That is why I love it so much.

The fast matchmaking is not there though. Thats for damn sure.

Jager3606d ago

"bypass the server browsing system that ultimately does not function smoothly on consoles (yet)."

Warhawk, Resistance 1 & 2, Killzone 2, Socom all say hi. Prefer Server browsing so i can see WHAT my connection ping will be like, so i can join a game with 100% certain of no lag. Resistance even Shows WHAT country the server is in.

What this list needs:

Better Clan support options (None of that "Insert Tag Here" CoD crap, im talking Socom / Killzone 2 styled Clan support)

at end of Community: "Clan support would just be the icing on the cake, Bungie."

100% agree with that. Multiplats and 360 exclusives need better clan support.

Indepth Leader Boards (CoD4, Halo 3 ( or what ever the site is) and Killzone 2)

Ingame Tournaments and Clan currency (Really, i truly hope many FPS games after KZ2 will look at this and create similar systems for their Multiplayer, cause it just reeks of replayability... Will truly drive clans into high levels of competition)

Fully Customizable Servers (I think Halo 3's Forge would count, then theirs Socom, Resistance 2, and Killzone 2, All of these games allow alot of server customization, With Killzone 2 having the most)

Definatly agree with the Community part, Like Halo 3's,, Website communities like this are important, they allow users to communicate with the Developers, to report bugs, glitches, or any kinds of complaints or ideas. This helps Developers handle problems quicker, and also find out WHAT the community would like to see in future DLC / Games.

User created content, something FarCry 2 had gotten right with its map creator... i hope more FPS's will have similar user created maps for online play

KenAdamsNSA3606d ago

Great points, I had no idea that those games used server browsers (I've never played them online).

I think what I was really trying to say was that server browsers don't really resonate well with the casual crowd. While most of those games sold fairly well, they aren't posting numbers close to the big multiplayer "phenomenons" like COD and Halo. Good point though again.

I loved clan support in Halo 2, and I was really, really disappointed when it was removed in Halo 3.

With the leaderboards, that was something that I figured fell under the community bit, but I agree that it is deserving of its own categories.

Good points! More replies like this are great.

Giriath3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

I also think that server browers are way superior to matchmaking similar to those of Halo 3 and GeoW 2. In Halo 3 you couldn't even create a match of your own that everyone could see. You had to create a custom match that only those in your party list could play. That kind of rendered the forge and all matchmaking settings useless, as you'd have to have a party full of friends to have any fun while playing them.

Warhawk and Resistance 2 both have great server browers that are accesible and let you customize your server the way you want it. In Resistance 2 you can also have a party similar to the one in Halo 3 and jump between co-op and competetive servers as you which.

Killzone 2 does so many things right with its community and online features that I think it will have a very strong community playing it for a long time.

WhoaMan3606d ago

i agree with the level reflecting skills
they should show kill/death ratio and their level
so that way we can laugh at their horrible skills but still know that they've got an advantage

Jager3606d ago

CoD4 / WaW shows a persons K/D ratio... Deaf kid here is packing 2.15 on CoD4 and 2.27 on Waw :)

WhoaMan3606d ago

no no i mean like next to their level in the game lobby
they should have their ratio instead of having to go through series of menus to see their profile and their ratio

wtf!deaf kid that whips ass?! i cant even play shooter games without sound

Jager3606d ago

lol, love video games, and i got used to playing with outsound after having lost my hearing... I'd trade my left leg for hearing anyday tho :P

Then again, since i no longer depend on hearing, my vision is a bit more Acute / sharper than Hearing people, since i depend upon that..

WhoaMan3606d ago

well i understand how losing one senses increases the other
u win both ways u got skills and a disadvantage

ajeben8093606d ago

Thats a nice perk you got there Jager. What level do you unlock that?

lol jk

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KenAdamsNSA3606d ago

I don't know about putting the K/D NEXT to the player's name in lobbies, but perhaps a simple button press to bring up their stats would be nice.

Huh3606d ago

how about a working multiplayer mode how about that

KenAdamsNSA3606d ago

Is that a reference to a certain game by Epic?

RebornSpy3606d ago

A game that is now fixed? I think he's talking about some other game.

LeonSKennedy4Life3606d ago

They fixed Gears of War 2???!!!


*runs to 360*

...dang it

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