Capcom discusses downloadable titles for 2009

Capcom's Christian Svensson has briefly discussed Capcom's plans for digit download games for 2009.

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Gue13577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

MegaMan X9 for 2009!!!!! ...Not. ;_;

Simon_Brezhnev3577d ago

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 HD dats all i need and all the megaman x series

Claudinho693577d ago

i would pay $40 for a marvel vs. capcom 2 or 3 HD remake game

Bnet3433577d ago

$40? You mean $60 right?

Megaton3577d ago

I'd pay full retail for an HD remake of MvC2. I'd RATHER pay the standard $10 - $20, but I'd drop the $60 if I had to.

ThanatosDMC3577d ago

I want:

Megaman X4, X5, X6
Megaman Legends 1 and 2
Resident Evil 2 and 3

Monster Hunter 2G
Monster Hunter 3!!!

If they can put DMC1, than by all means...

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Cant wait for fat princess...

skip2mylou3577d ago

i dont think thats capcom but i still agree i cant wait for fat princess

KarateExplosion3577d ago

But I miss that lil blue guy. Please bring him back to me :/.. An HD megaman soccer wouldnt be to much to ask for would it?

Cajun Chicken3577d ago

Let it be Powestone related.
Preferably Powerstone 2.

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