How to fix Mass Effect

Jarvis Slacks writes:

"Mass Effect was, hands down, one of my favorite games of 2007. Yes, it has an amazing amount of problems. The vehicle physics were enough to make my brain explode on the regular. Add to that the clunky combat and the dreaded "Unreal pop in", and it was truly a labor of love to finish the game. Man oh, what a love affair it was. This week, there has been some loose talk of the sequel. It got me thinking: what are the five things that could make Mass Effect 2 way, way better?"

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Why dis3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Bad Editing. Remove PS3 channel.

ME2 is coming to the 360 and the PC version soon after as the devs said.

Maddens Raiders3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

it's going to be alright. The first step is actual acceptance of a ((major)) mass-e-flop.

RebornSpy3576d ago

Are you saying that Mass Effect was a flop? You are very wrong, my friend.

Maddens Raiders3576d ago

trying to cover up that 6.75? Revisionist history won't work here.

Danja3576d ago

definately not a of my fave games of 2007 , but it was flawed over-all....looking forward to the sequel..

and the PS3 version..XD

RebornSpy3576d ago

That game is a flop. We're talking about Mass Effect. How can anyone get so confused that they say Mass-e-flop, then link something about too human, then continue talking about too human? That's pretty bad, man.

Halochampian3576d ago

since when did Too Human = Mass effect?

Maddens Raiders3576d ago

I got my X-flops mixed up! This is all I got to say about that....

morganfell3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Well it does have serious issues:

How does the Mako get back on board the Normandy?

Maddens Raiders3576d ago

1.8 -
Well it does have serious issues:

How does the Mako get back on board the Normandy?
============================= =====================

"An elevator simulator.." lmfao

pixelsword3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

The vehicle from Moon Patrol?

hay3576d ago

Mass Effect is really good game. It's one of those really few games I started another career right after finishing it. It wasn't perfect, but hell, it's f*cking awesome.

JsonHenry3576d ago

I am playing the game on the PC right now. I don't have the pop in problems due to the fact my settings are maxed out. But I have to agree with the Vehicle physics. Sometimes it is just like "WTF???".

Also - I have no idea what he is talking about when it comes to the combat being clunky. Feels alright to me.

No Way3576d ago

You do realize they are talking about Mass Effect, not Too Human, right? ;)

And, if you consider Mass Effect a flop, then I'm sure every game you have played on the PS3 is also a flop.. which is not the case.

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mintaro3577d ago

He's right as of now nothing has been said about the PS3, so this should not be in the PS3 channel.

Huh3576d ago

make sure the game supports sixaxis controls that will make it a bit better imo

Lord Vader3576d ago

Six axis controls = LMAO !

See "Lair" for more information...

Johnny Rotten3576d ago

I hear ya bro, I've been waiting for it to come to the PS3.

Why dis3576d ago

For mini games maybe etc. I think overall 360 fans would see sixaxis controls as [email protected] as fuc, devs would see it as a waste of time most likely, being a WRPG.

Kal8533576d ago

Maybe I'm alone here but I thought it was another fantastic Bioware gem, so much that I played it twice in a row. I didn't notice any outstanding problems with it at all. I won't go as far a saying the author is nitpicking - maybe this is even the general consensus of the game, but it seems to me that these are very minor flaws in an otherwise epic sci-fi rpg.

JokesOnYou3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

yeah, I've had some slow down and it glitches a bit here and there but I never experienced any problems where the game was anywhere close to unplayable, they were minor hic-cups imo, I'd say the load times for the elevator sequence was a bigger annoyance than any of the small glitches, and still it wasn't a big deal. Overall the game ran fine on my 360....truly one of the best games I have ever played on any console. Loved it.


MiloGarret3576d ago

Yeah me too, I thought Mass Effect was an outstanding gaming experience, and pretty much the only game I've ever played with a more or less well put together story and characters.
However there were A LOT of issues, my main problems were the maco controls and physics and the abominable framerate. I don't even care about the pop-in, fix the framerate! The worst problem I've had though (since NXE), and still have, is that it simply will not play, it gets stuck after character creation, every single time, I can't play the fücking thing!
Tried a friends copy, same thing, greeeeat. If it wasn't for the fact that I've already played it 3 times before, I'd be more upset, but still, I really wanted to try out the sentinel class...

Tony P3576d ago

Better sidequests and better use of the galaxy ftw.

The sidequests were terribly bland for a Bioware game, always ending in a shootout or the infiltration of some repetitive base/science station/outpost.

The galaxy map is a great idea, but actually landing on planets to find they're essentially undeveloped sucked big time. I like discovering civilizations and new settlements. It annoyed me that the only towns in the game were all plot relevant. Nothing new out there to find but a few ruins and mineral veins. Such a galaxy simply needs more stuff.

To that end, I hope ME2 is much bigger. Even if it has to have two discs for the 360 version.

Kal8533576d ago

Those are all good points. I guess I'm just remembering the overall experience. I had those same quibbles back then too. I guess it was so cinematic that I'd pretty much forgotten.

Why dis3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

"Even if it has to have two discs for the 360 version"

When the PC version comes out some months after the 360 version as the devs have said, you are saying *the PC version won't need more than one disc for the retail version but the 360 will* lol? Those are the announced platforms.

You can find the media ME1 and ME2 uses on the right side of this page.

Gaidrius3576d ago

Haha. Blu ray would solve that 2-disc problem. But that would be a foreign thing to the 360, wouldn't it?

Why dis3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

The game would have to be downgraded for PS3 because of the RAM issue. This is a memory hungry game(e) I read about it, comes from the devs mouth.

LOL at the disagrees I'm getting in my first comment. The contributor tried to spread misinformation based on his theories/wants/wishes.

kewlkat0073576d ago

Yes as foreign as, "Mandatory Installs" eh..

I Actually couldn't finish this game, didn't like the controls much.

Tony P3576d ago

Thanks for the link dis, but this was a wish list and not me pretending to throw out facts.

I'm glad you don't have that many bubbles though. You need to chill.

Gaidrius3576d ago

Memory hungry? Sure, a game can be memory hungry all it wants, but did you forget about the EIGHT processors inside the PS3?

Graphics Whore3576d ago

Ram Issue? The PS3 has better ram than the Xbox 360 lol. Gotta point and laugh at ignorant fanboys.

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