PlayStation Home PSP-3000 treasure hunt codes

PS3-Sense writes "PS3-Sense member vinnie1234 searched the codes for the PSP-3000 treasure hunt and published them on PS3-Sense. Fill out the codes listed below and maybe you will soon be the proud owner of a PSP-3000"

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Sangria3520d ago

The more people enter codes, the less they have a chance to win, and they can't figure that out.

red5ive3520d ago

i'm not sure where to go...... ??

gaffyh3520d ago

Go to world map -> Events area -> Go towards Gallery area (and download it) -> enter the numbers into one of the keypads

Xulap3520d ago

I've read about this, but I didn't bother to sign in and check.

Is this for North America too, or Europe accounts only?

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