4 things Sony can do to increase console and game sales

An article listing ways Sony can improve sales of the Playstation 3 and their games such as some features they should add along with other strategies.

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Coheno3607d ago

Although everything in the article is very obvious! The picture in the end is AWESOME! That's exactly the way it should be! Missing that, curretly playing, feature...

HighDefinition3607d ago

Drop the PRICE.

Whenever the PS3 and 360 have even been close to the same price, the 360 becomes a after thought to the media and in sales. Also PS3 plans to be around for a while still, the 360 won`t because it can`t. Then MS will bring out another system and MS will have the higher price tag.

Sayai jin3607d ago

@HighDefinition- Price drop indeed!

The PS3 will benefit with increased sales. Bottom line is that the consumer will benefit the most. The 360 will be around for a few more years with price drops of it's own. Not telling what the Wii will do, they may not need one for a long while. Yeah, I think MS is within a few years of another console and yest it will definitely have a the higher price tag, because it will have the latest and greatest in tech. Is that not the reason why people defend the PS3 price.

Coheno3606d ago

Sony should really look at this, and make it exactly that! Please do it! That would be Awesome!

DRE19703607d ago

i dont understand it every web site u go to ps3 is selling more then 360.,,gamestop.c,and gamecrazy somethings shady. sony needs to sell the ps3 from feb 15 to march 15 for 299.00 they need to hire me to run sales

Koolkid093607d ago

he didnt come off as a fanboy just a fan of the ps brand and a gamer

Hellsvacancy3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

When i bought my Ps3 i didnt know for for like 3 weeks that i could play online for FREE

When i bought Assassins Creed i could not play it so i rang the customer service number on the back of the box and sum dude told me that i needed a patch he asked me if i hav access 2 the internet and i said yes so he told me to go and set up your internet through your Ps3 - i honestly thought i had to buy an adapter or summin to play online ive never felt SO stupid in my entire life

Edit. Oh and agreed wid all the above

caffman3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

and call it a wii 2.
On a serious note though that advert was fantastic. Sony need to do more ones like that than the sucky LBP ones

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The story is too old to be commented.