If everyone loves Apple so much, why are people still buying PCs?

Design, reliability, security... we all know why Apple addicts love their Macs.

But despite fawning press coverage and the bad publicity surrounding Vista, Macs are still very much in the minority.

So, why are PC owners sticking with Windows? Do Macs cost too much, or are PC owners masochists?

As it turns out, there are lots of perfectly good reasons for sticking with the PC.

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If they wernt an arm and a leg then people would buy...a 500 desktop mac with a little power behind it would challenge pc

BulletToothtony3580d ago

I own a mac and i love it so much, but at $1,200 is a little highly priced..

The second part may be that apple hadn't really become great, meaning that a lot of people have been hearing a lot about it, until about 3 to 4 years ago..

And even thou some people may be interested their pc's are probably still running strong so there is no need.

But over all i believe that their increasing rate is doing pretty well..

i know that apple takes pride in how awesome their OS runs on well built machines.. I've experienced this first hand but if they released an OS to work on any pc i believe their software would start taking over at a very high rate..

Even thou their exclusivity and radical thinking seems to be their strongest sale point so i dunno.. all i know is that i love os-x way more than i loved xp.. It makes me want to be on my computer instead of just barely wanting to use it.

Bnet3433579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

I started on Mac OS 9 and went to XP. Never looked at a Mac again. I agree price is a turn off. Also games.

Immortal Kaim3579d ago

Agreed with most comments. Price is a big factor. I personally love my Mac, but I'm not a PC gamer so the Mac's certainly suite my tastes. I can see why people go the PC route.

thewhoopimen3579d ago

I got a mac with a xp partion. I keep all my productivity on the mac and when I want to play a pc game, I have a clean xp partion to mess with. For the price, and aesthetics, I have no problem with either my iMac or macbook (alu ^^)

freeblue3579d ago

they jack up their prices way too much.. and their only security is being a minority (so, no hacker wants to hack it). remember.. last hacker conference.. Apple is the first pc that got hacked first, when people really want to hack it.

TruthBTold3579d ago

The Cost. I always wanted a MacBook but its just too much money for me. I can't see myself paying so much for a computer that I will only use for a couple of years and then want to change it. If Apple brought down the prices and had more affordable computers then I am sure many more people would purchase them over PCs'. I hope to later on make more money, have more of my bills paid out so I can buy my first MacBook.

andyo133579d ago

was lower i would definatly buy their product. I have two reasons why i don't get a mac. 1: they have crashes and errors just like windows, just different errors 2: most software is compatible with windows only.

i install lots of stuff on my computer, i'd get bored on a mac really quickly. Also if you pay the same amount for a pc as you would for a macbook you'd get a better product anyways.

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dragunrising3579d ago

The second factor has much to do with Apple being a single hardware vender with a niche market. Dell, Asus, Sony, HP, and Toshiba all say hi. I see a lot of advertising for Dell, HP and Sony; more than Apple as a whole.

Sangria3580d ago

Maybe because people don't have the choice, since Windows-equipped PCs covers 95% of hypermarkets. This and the price of Macs.
I want to buy a MacBook Pro, but it would cost me at least 1.800€ (2.300$), which is quite much when you know that current Vista-equipped laptops cost 800€ (1.000$).

tatotiburon3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

because with pc everybody can upgrade it when they want it and how they want it, they can choose whatever case they want, whatever video card they want and a lot of more hardware available, upgrade the hard drive, the ram, etc and at low costs. And most important the software, windows have more software than mac and don't forget the games.

And now with the posibilty to install MACOS leopard in x86 PC, well why do i need a MAC?

thebudgetgamer3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

because i love building custom pcs, something you cant do with macs. the thing is what percentage of pc users ever upgrade. you take people like most of us here that are always looking for ways to make their pcs better, i think your average pc user isn't very smart when it comes to stuff like that. regardless i still love my mac, its just expensive.


Nemo883579d ago

... the choice of hardware is great, and is one thing that is a MAJOR downside to going Mac, you're stuck with whatever hardware Apple give you and when they do things like remove firewire (from the new macbook), you're stuffed.

OSX Leopard is still better than Vista and Windows 7 though.

Also, regards installing OSX on a regular pc, its not as easy as you think- have you tried? Its not like with Windows, where theres tonnes of drivers and support for the various hardware. You have to dig around looking to run homebrew drivers which doesnt excatly make me feel compfrotable to do any serious work on it. Im talking stuff like making sure there is a CPU Temperature controller when ur in osx so it doesnt overheat, finding drivers to run with whatever graphics card you have (which obviously wont be officially supported), soundcard drivers, etc. Theres room for massive headaches.
It will not be the same experience or work as well as a smooth, configured and supported new Mac. Its just a cheap way to try out, you wouldnt use a hacked Mac for serious work.

Kushan3580d ago

This is clearly flamebait for Apple fanboys. It's the equivelant to an article saying "if the 360 is so good, why does it suck so much?" or "If the PS3 is such good value, why is nobody buying it?", you'll get the same kind of fierce reactions.

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