Individual Guitar Hero drum kit releases 2/15

Neversoft recently announced that a stand alone drum kit will be available mid-February. This means that anyone who has plastic guitars from earlier Guitar Hero games laying around and are looking to experience the full band via "World Tour" is in luck. The drum kit features 3 drum pads and 2 cymbals, offering a more "realistic" drumming feel than the Rock Band drums.

After Guitar Hero: World Tour released on October 26, 2008, many gamers reported sensitivity issues with the drum kit, complaining that hits weren't registering at times. Activision's remedy was to send out "tuning kits" which connected the drums to a PC to fix the sensitivity issue. Here's to hoping that the new drum kit is bug free!

This kit will release just in time for Guitar Hero: Metallica in March. Also, if you reserve that game with GameStop, you receive an extra drum pedal for the furious double kick metal songs in the game's exclusive "Expert +" drum mode.

Anybody prefer this rig to the rock band one? Does anyone own a Guitar Hero/Rockband game and not own a drum kit already?

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