Command the Cheerleader, Win the Game

Independent game designer and cheerleader Joëlle Krummenacher announces Spirit Fever, the first free competitive cheerleading management game on the Internet. As of January 30th 2009, Spirit Fever is in closed beta. The official launch will take place in April, just in time for the cheerleading world competition.

Spirit Fever is a Persistent Browser-Based Game, where squad leaders play each day to improve cheerleading skills and progress through the game. Spirit Fever players decide what cheerleading skill or activity to practice to increase the team level. Each practice element involves a mini-game that trains the player's speed, comparison, calculation, and memory skills. Spirit Fever's goal is to train the cheerleaders and use their skills to compete against other players. The Spirit Fever site
will also offer a variety of mini-games and a massive library of cheerleading videos and photos. Spirit Fever is the only Internet game where teenagers can safely learn about cheerleading while playing.

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