Who's Going to Win Super Bowl XLIII, According to Madden?


"The Super Bowl is one of the biggest cultural events in the United States. Even if your team didn't make it (or, if you're a Lions fan, didn't win a game) most football fans would be committing heresy if they didn't tune in with some buddies, some booze and enjoy the festivities.

To get ready for the Super Bowl, we thought it'd be interesting to see what a simulation of Madden NFL 09 would bring. The results? Read on!"

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Spike473575d ago

in Tampa and how come it was so fast? Don't they have to play another season to determine who goes?

resistance1003575d ago

Steelers and Cardinals.

Being a Pats fan, this season has been disappointed. Still i will finally get to see them play in October when they play at Wembley =D

dannyhinote_133575d ago

How has it been fast? They've been playing since August or September? :P