Rumor: EA Shuts Down Pandemic Studios Down Under

Electronics Arts has shuffled off Pandemic Studios' Brisbane office, a reliable source tells Kotaku. The Australian developer was best known for Destroy All Humans! and its rumoured development of an ill-fated Batman game.

According to the information we were provided, Pandemic's Brisbane staffers weren't necessarily laid off by EA corporate, which purchased the developer alongside BioWare in 2007. Instead, we were told that the studio was "set free" with the down under arm of Pandemic retaining its original IP and even its equipment.

"It was more of a 'Find a new publisher. Good luck.' kind of thing," according to the source. And you can keep the tea kettle, apparently. No mention was made of the fate of the other Pandemic Studios office, which is based in Los Angeles.

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lord_of_balrogs3575d ago

So EA buys Bioware and Pandemic for 600 million and now they decide to drop one of Pandemic's studios. What a waste of money, I wish EA never bought out these two companies. I just hope Bioware survives as they have created my favorite RPGs of all time.

Ghoul3575d ago

your thought is to shortminded (no insult)
EA is mainly interested on the franchises, The team is (as sad as it sounds) cangeable. Sure a intact studio is nice but if they think the current state of the developer is not profitable enough the most likely change the structure or like in many other cases before completly wipe the studio and rebuild it from scratch.

Cajun Chicken3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

How come I had to find out this section of Pandemic made the first DAH! games now?...well, thats the franchise officially doomed. Again, f**k. Farewell; its been good most of the time Cryptosporidium, because it seems like THQ don't care about you.

DrWan3575d ago

Free Radical, Factor 5, and Pandemic

This will give Sony a foothold in Australia, since I don't think they have an Australia studio yet.

Cyber Gamer3575d ago

Free Radical, Factor 5, and Pandemic

because they r not good engouth lol

DrWan3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

I actually agree with you. From Sony's past business practices, they don't buy a studio until they have 'proven themselves" in generating some game sales for the system. Evolution, Guerilla all had million sellers last gen and Evo, this gen as well.

It was wishful thinking on my part, because Third party has been so mean to the PS3 this generation, i just wanted them to have more first party studios so we get more games to play

PirateThom3575d ago

I think with the receptions to Resistance and Kizzy 2, Sony would probably want to distance themselves from Free Radical. As much as people love TimeSplitters, the last thing Sony needs is a third exclusive FPS series.

What Sony should do is get Level 5 as 1st or 2nd party to get exclusive RPGs, they have no RPGs studios.

Cajun Chicken3575d ago

Thinking about it, I don't know if Sony do need anymore first party/second party. Because they have at least 1 dev that can make a certain Genre, maybe they need an inhouse RPG dev or RTS...I dunno.
All the studios are pretty well set. Getting more wouldn't harm though. I think they need a new Platformer dev. Due to 2 of old ones not making platformers anymore, it seems.
I'm looking at Ready at Dawn or High Impact games, maybe even the fairly new Big Red Button.

DrWan3575d ago

U can never have too many studios. Because usually the studio gets sort of bog down by their IPs and they keep on making sequels for the most part, more studios to make new IPs is always welcome IMO. And even though Sony has one studio making each genre, most of them take their freaking sweet time. ie. Gran Turismo..still no GT5 yet. So having more than one studios per genre is ok IMO

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Lord Xire3575d ago

Pandemic has created some of the worst games this gen IMO.

Mercenaries2, LOTR: Conquest 2 games which I hate.

They payed millions for this studio that shovel out games that horrid.

Good riddance.

DrWan3575d ago

don't u think though, to a certain degree, their creative freedom may have been inhibited by the greater EA?

I mean, making Merc. 2 for PS2, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360 is pretty is a old IP, put it on eveyr single freaking system, make it work and make some money..

It's the worst -_-

Lord Xire3575d ago

True that...

EA's deadlines and trying to maximize profits in certain quarterly periods to keep stockholders happy may certainly put a stranglehold on games...

Lets hope for Bioware this doesn't apply to them.

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