Is the Killzone 2 Superbowl ad fan-made?

Gamezine: "Seen the supposed Killzone 2 Super Bowl advertisement? Don't get your hopes up, signs point to it being fake.

We all know Sony needs to air Killzone 2 gameplay trailers before its release; something the company arguably missed out on before the release of LittleBigPlanet. Killzone 2 is looking great and the reviews are starting to back up the hype that's already engulfed many of you. So, it's time to let the world know...with a Superbowl ad?

Many joked that Sony would get Killzone 2 into one of America's biggest sporting events, until the video at the bottom of this article made it onto the web. It looks well edited and relatively genuine, if not a little naff - "SUDDEN DEATH MEANS YOU DIE SUDDENLY"? *Cringe.*

So is this really an official Sony Superbowl ad? We think not and we'll tell you why."

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aspergersyndrome3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

The trailer is so corny!

nbsmatambo3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

all that matters is it is gathering attention, and by us wondering about it and emailing our friends links to it, the knowledge is being spread.

If it is real then good, if not its still good...

lord_of_balrogs3606d ago

Superbowl ads are done in increments of 30 seconds and are 2 million per 30 seconds. Meaning there are 30 second, 60 second, 90 second ads. The trailer was 53 seconds long. This means for the 7 seconds Sony isn't using they are literally wasting thousands of dollars for that unused air-time. This leads me to the conclusion that the trailer wasn't real.

Danja3606d ago

Maybe Sony did indeed make this trailer but only to stir up more attention on the net and build hype for when they actually do show the real ad at the super-bowl...

because the ad I watched last night looks totally fake and unprofessional...the Ballet of Death Video ...should just be used for the super-bowl ad ...with just minor adjustment added for tv viewing

Helghast3606d ago

I don't think they're allowed to show that much violence and blood on network TV. I think this alleged Super Bowl trailer is too violent and bloody for the wide audience that will be watching.

mugoldeneagle033606d ago

Sony has a sense of humor too...

Anyone else remember the "In-Shirt XMB" t-shirts they gave out at GDC last year? I mean c'mon...They know what's funny.

P.S. I would've wanted a more serious commercial, but I think it's great. I mean it's a Super Bowl Ad. The percentage of gamers watching the Super Bowl as opposed to sports fanatics will be slim.

Guess we'll find out Sunday

masterg3606d ago

They link the ad schedule -->

It's not there :(

Sarcasm3606d ago

I'm pretty sure it's fake. I honestly think a real ad would come from the Playstation blog first and foremost.

0verdrive3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

should be noted that that list only lists 30 minutes of commercials. i mean, the superbowl is like 4 hours long... its not 3.5 hours of ACTUAL football. perhaps im being a bit too optimistic, but i mean, common sense dictates that there have got to be commercials that are going to air other than the ones listed; it only makes sense.

dont get me wrong, i didnt think they were going to air the other one that hhg posted yesterday, but i mean, can we really rule the possibility out?

on a side note... why hasnt anyone commented on the footage in the "commercial"? if it was all footage from trailers and leaked videos that weve already cant we assume that it was fan made? if it has footage that no one has seen before, cant we assume that its possible that its a real ad?

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Hellsvacancy3606d ago

It looks great nether the less but i do wonder if it real

The Ballad Of Death video was better

LeonSKennedy4Life3606d ago

The ballet of death video makes it look terrible. The enemies move in an extremely unusual manner when killed. It looks unnatural.

PixlSheX3606d ago

Ballet of death for TV ad. Awesome.

Kleptic3606d ago

leon...i'm going to go ahead and disagree...

the ballet of death video, for me at least, illustrated just how far ahead killzone 2 is when compared to other shooters...the physics in the hit response system are completely ridiculous...It was like watching someone really being shot in slow motion or something...kind of sick overall...but I did not notice anything 'unnatural' in that video...

about half way through...when the explosion throws a helghast back up against a wall...and his arms and head slam back against it from the impact...nothing touches that...and it easily illustrates how killzone 2 has zero visual competition right now...

Sitdown3606d ago

I think should have been removed from the "ballet of death" was around the end when the guy was falling on his needs....part of his foot disappears into the ground...that same portion was actually used in the "superbowl" commercial.

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fafoon3606d ago

Great Ad
Dunno about the Killzone ad being Fan made
But The article is Fan Made
Xbot Fan Made

techie3606d ago

Lol. The way some of you guys think is funny.

GiantEnemyLobster3606d ago

super bowl commercials are like what.. 3 million dollars for 60 seconds? You honestly think sony can afford that? LOL you must be crazy then.

FantasyStar3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

I hope that Superbowl ad was fake, that trailer is a disgrace to the game itself. Hell even Halo 3's Superbowl trailer is much better, despite the fact that it was CG'ed.(attached below)

If the CG "Cinematic Intro" from CES 09 was used: I would've preferred that one much more. It's intense and epic. What more could a SB commercial need?

Galvanise3606d ago

a list of advertisements during the superbowl. . .except the list is incomplete. Transformers 2 has been confirmed to have a teaser trailer. . .and is not on the list. Its during the 3rd Quarter.

LeonSKennedy4Life3606d ago

I can't wait to see more bad dialogue, borderline-childish humor, and unrealistic scenarios!!!

That movie blew a big one!

RememberThe3573606d ago

Transformers was sick... And by "unrealistic scenarios" do you mean the entire concept of Transformers itself?

Galvanise3606d ago

Transformers was rubbish, and thats coming from a guy who has loads of the toys spanning several generations, loads of the comics spanning several generations and actually gave it a chance. It was a mess.

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