New iPhone may beef up games

According to ZDNet, computer giant Apple is working on a very powerful new iPhone that could hit stores later this year. The new phone, currently about as powerful as Sony's excellent PlayStation Portable, would be more than twice as powerful, capable of rendering graphics – and games – better than anything before it in the portable gaming world.

And unlike the PSP or Nintendo DS, the iPhone allows gamers to download games via Apple's App Store, which users can access wirelessly or on their computer.

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jidery3576d ago

if apple wants to get into gaming, they need to make the iphone have controls like the PSP and the DS, just a touch screen doesnt work.

pacowles3576d ago

I had the same initial reaction to gaming on the iPod Touch/iPhone, but some developers have gotten pretty creative with control options. For example, many games have motion controls or an on-screen D-Pad and buttons (touch sensitive, obviously) with a layout similar to, for example, an NES control pad. If you want to see examples, look up "Hero of Sparta," or find a Youtube video of an NES emulator running on an iPhone. Ive also seen some prototype images for plug-in controllers that add a D-Pad and buttons; with any luck they will see widespread release. That said, I'll be pretty pissed off if they release an overhauled iPhone anytime soon, as many games probably wouldn't work on older iPhones/iPod touch and I'm sure as hell not shelling out the cash to upgrade anytime soon.

Close_Second3576d ago

Although I don't think not having physical controls will be a major problem as developers will get creative. I do think the life cycle of Apple products is of concern.

Look how many generations of IPhone, IPod, ITouch, there have been since the PSP and or DS was released. I love the fact that when I buy a gaming device like the DS or PSP that I won't need to upgrade or buy the latest model to enjoy the latest release games on that format. You just know that as more powerful 'I' products are released that to get the best version of game you'll need the latest hardware. Which for some won't be an issue but for most they will get left behind.

Apple is competing against more than just the gaming market with their 'I' products which is why they will always need to keep up with or stay ahead of the competition.

Premonition3576d ago

only problem with the app store is certain things cant be downloaded, example certain podcasts or musics cause they are around 10MB, so i dont know how apple would do with graphically better games which would probably require more MB to make.

Jackel20723576d ago

this will be perfect for me. hopefully by that time the exclusive deal with AT&T will have ended then i can go and pick up the newer model!

ArmrdChaos3576d ago

They need to ditch the BS deal with AT-T and unlock the hardware for all networks. That would definitely have the competition scrambling.

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