Halo Wars Multiplayer Gameplay

First Halo Wars footage showing multiplayer gameplay from the Covenants perspective.

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Spike473576d ago

I'm not sure how an RTS will play on a console. However, we are talking about Ensemble and my AOE3 box is still somewhere in my room. :)

omodis4203576d ago

I used to think that too. But after playing End War it can be done.

ThanatosDMC3576d ago

I hope it doesnt turn out like Supreme Commander on 360... i bought that game when it came out. Compared to the PC version it sucked. I returned it the next day and got Halo 1 and food.

GWAVE3576d ago

I'm interested to see how this game turns out. No, not because I'm a huge Halo fan (I jumped that ship not long after Halo 2 came out), but because I'm a huge RTS fan and I think every gamer (even console gamers) deserve to experience this very fun and rewarding genre. Yeah, it might be awhile before console gamers get to experience more sophisticated titles like Sins of a Solar Empire, Dawn of War, or a TRUE version of Supreme Commander, but you gotta start somewhere...

ThanatosDMC3576d ago

Speaking of Sins of the Solar Empire. It's $19.99 on your nearest Target. It's limited time price cut though.

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Crueltylizer3576d ago

It is possible. But as the RTS genre is not the most used on consoles developers really don't have any where to turn to for inspiration to how to make it easy. But i really think that as said before End War did it well. And i really hope that they've done a good job with this title too.

Spike473576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

I'm sure Halo Wars will not turn out the same because it's Ensemble. :)

GVON3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

I only played the end war demo and whilst the voice gimmick was fun,yet slower than pad inputs,I really didn't like it,guess I've been spoiled by the total war series

DA_SHREDDER3576d ago

Halo Wars,, be prepared to get raped by StormRise.

Halochampian3576d ago

I really hope you were trying to be funny.

GVON3576d ago

there's a good chance it will be better,it's the first time the makers of total war have done what they do best on consoles,and thats the RTS genre.

greenmeanie3576d ago

I am not into RTS games traditionally, but there is something about this game that has grabbed my attention. Maybe its because its over 2 years ago it was announced I dont know, but for this game to be in production for as long as it has,then it better be amazing!

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The story is too old to be commented.