Apple's Next iPhone Will Rule at Gaming

The next upgrade to Apple's iPhone will have a strong focus on gaming, analysts and developers agree.

That's because the gaming market is an increasingly juicy segment of the mobile multimedia space - and it's one that Apple's phenomenally successful iPhone is well-positioned to dominate.

The iPhone App Store has already got the DS and PSP beat in terms of game titles available: When the App Store was just three months old, it had 1,500 games; the PSP and DS had about 600 and 300 titles, respectively.

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meepmoopmeep3577d ago

well, it has a chance to do well for the casual market
but then again, a lot of big devs are jumping onto this
so who knows.

Apple's next iPhone could indeed put more focus on gaming
since the current one didn't have hardcore gaming as a priority.

so yeah, i think the next iPhone could break into the more hardcore gaming front
if Apple decides to make it a priority.

andyo133577d ago

well actually im a ipod touch 1st gen gamer. what i really hope is that their new iphone doesnt have exclusives games that wont play on my ipod touch.

Also i'd like to point out that the app store has one of the highest piracy rates yet look at how succesful it is. DS is also easy to pirate games on and look how insanly popular that is, the psp is very difficult in comparison and isnt as popular as either.

Hear me out, PIRACY IS GOOD!!!!

i pirate ipod touch games, its great having access to all 1,500 apps for free. hero of sparta has graphics better than the ps1, which i think is insane for something so slim.

UltimateIdiot9113576d ago

Agreed, I've played games on the Ipod touch and I can't stand the whole accelometer thingamajig on a screen. Once you tilt a certain angle you have no idea what's going on screen and besides I like buttons. I like to push buttons not flat surface. Unless the next iphone has at least 7 buttons, I say it won't rule gaming.

antoinetm3576d ago

its just like the wii. I have both and i can say that the iphone is to the PSP what the wii is to the ps3. Competition.. but not quite.

When it comes to casual vs hardcore there is no competition.

Revvin3576d ago

I may now have to reconsider my next upgrade. It was going to be an iPhone but I may just take out a 6 month contract and see if Apple reelase a new model later in the year. I already have an iPod and love iTunes, the number of apps and games available is great but really how many of those 1500 games compare anywhere close to the quality of the DS and PSP games?