Google Malware Warning

Techworldwide writes:

Just to let everyone know that there is a malware virus going around google this can be very risky and will damage your computer, whenever you visit a website this message will appear.


Everything is ok now Google fixed the problem it was some sort of a human error.

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TrevorPhillips3603d ago

this first appeared for a user on called swedn and then occured 2 me then other ppl this malware virus can do a big damage 2 ur pc's

warfed3603d ago

what malware? you believe everything you read on the internet?

Speed-Racer3603d ago

This is why rumours spread on the net. There is an internal problem at Google (dnno if it's fixed now) that caused these mass messages to show up falsely.

Viper73603d ago

what are these malwares you ppl speak off

Linux ubuntu >:3

Google behaved oddly today tough, didnt let me enter any site and claimed it was dangerous for my pc (even tough it isnt)

AuToFiRE3603d ago

<3 Linux <3 no messages, no problems

AAACE53603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I kept getting that earlier today, and I just got done installing a windows update a few minutes ago.... I hope I didn't f up! I don't know if me having Vista has anything to do with it, but it would show me a screen telling me that going foward could give me a malicious code/virus, so I kept backing out and trying different sites until I just gave up. Glad I didn't go foward. Thanks Vista... I think!

So far so good.

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Boldy3603d ago

Yeah, it happened to me. I was browsing google then all of a sudden, every result had "This site may harm your computer" under it.

FarEastOrient3603d ago

I was wondering why I couldn't get anything done this morning...

TaylorFlatt3603d ago

Yeah, I saw this and then saw pceverything was blocked and was flipping out wondering what was going least they have it all sorted it..

Last_Life3603d ago

I am a Mac user so I don't have to get worried about it.

LeonSKennedy4Life3603d ago

You don't have to worry about playing Crysis either.

Baka-akaB3603d ago

Well yeah virus dont go on MAC , just like every games and software out there .... Wait i believe Black and white 2 just got released ! Now you're only a few gaming years behind !

I'm kidding as i actually own and like the machine and OSX , however see how reverse trolling is easy ...

Si-Pie3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I think Mac users are over confident and soon they will regret it as the OS becomes more popular. See ---

If Macs cant get viruses is that why they do antivirus programs for Macs like nortons?

Love the OS though!
Anyway back to topic well this has not happened to me and hopefully it wont!

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