The Sony PSP perception problem: Is it losing its luster?

Sony's PSP was Time's "Gotta Have it" device for 2005, which was like being voted "Person of the Year." Now as the PSP enters its middle-age, it is the subject of less adulation, and more dismissive grumbling.

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Cajun Chicken3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

If it had more western developer exclusive games instead of console ports, then no problem.
The sad thing is that in the western hemisphere, there isn't much (NEW) to play on the PSP (Especially if you don't like RPGs) one of the things I have never completely understood is the way that Sony don't put many PSone games to download on PSN.
This way, whenever there isn't a retail game, you could get a solid classic PSone game legally for a few quid.
Its just that good PSP game exclusives releases are seperated between months and at that, so are the genres of games. The PSP is an amazing piece of technology, its just the inconsistent dates between game releases that dampen it at the moment.

You can imagine the pattern, real PSP game, real PSP game, drought so at least 5 variously published good PSone games come out on PSN, real PSP game, Real PSP game...and so forth, y'know what I mean. That way theres always somthing for the PSP users to play.

I mean, has anyone stopped tho think it ISN'T JUST the RPGs selling the PSP over in Japan? Has anyone SEEN the massive library of platformers, shoot-em ups and fighters PSone games on the Japan PSN Store?
Most of them are playable on PSP aswell as the PS3, and the sales for those PSone games on PSN aren't put on the software sales charts, think about it.

SCEE and SCEA, do something about it.