Ditch the Zune, Microsoft. Bring me Xbox Mobile

Cnet writes: "Matt Rosoff, a CNET Blog Network blogger who writes "Digital Noise," said in a recent blog post that he spoke to Microsoft's marketing director, Adam Sohn, earlier this week, and Sohn told him that although Zune sales were poor, Microsoft still plans to release a new set of players before the 2009 holiday season. According to Rosoff, Sohn said "they'll be a surprising step up from the current models."

Great. But I don't know why Microsoft plans to waste its time with the Zune. According to its latest quarterly filing, Zune platform revenue decreased $100 million, or 54 percent, during the last quarter. Considering iPod unit sales were up 3 percent during the same quarter and Apple enjoyed $3.3 billion in revenue, I'm not convinced Microsoft's plan to offer new Zune models is a good idea."

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BrunoM3580d ago

Yeah WE FUK UP BIGGGG on ZUNE but everything is ok.. because we are coming out with xbox mobil ok guys..

humm M i the only one that sees these news as kinda stupid .. i mean the just FUK up big tieme and they act as if its ok i mean there is people that have ZUNEs that work and what does microsoft show them by doing these ??????

W.E xbox mobil or not the way they are leaving zune and the people that already have them is stupid and gaves a bad look...

GWAVE3580d ago

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing an "Xbox Mobile" if it was a gaming handheld along the lines of the PSP or DS. I love my PSP and DS, and I wonder if Microsoft could breathe fresh air into the handheld 1st-person shooter genre like they helped breathe life into the console 1st-person shooter genre with the original Halo: Combat Evolved.

Then again, handheld technology is pretty fragile, and with Microsoft's track record"super reliable" hardware, I'm not so sure I'd trust a handheld product made by them.

BrunoM3580d ago


yeah thats what i think ... word by word .. kinda would be a BIG mess microsoft in the handle stuff..

Sitdown3579d ago

Microsoft's track record with hardware...excluding the 360? Anyhow.....I think Microsoft should stay out of the handheld market....I just do not see good things for them.

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Tiberium3580d ago

totally kick some psp A$$!!!! I can see it now, "but wait we have UMD."

IzKyD13313580d ago

Just like how the Zune was going to kick the iPod's ass?

eagle213580d ago

The xbox mobile would tank in Japan then PSP 2 would bury it. PSP sold NPD 1.04m Dec. 08' in the usa alone.

There are hardly first party 360 exclusives now. Just imagine the shelf of xbox mobile.

PotNoodle3580d ago

Yeah, since the XBOX brand can't take off in asian countries it would be hard for microsoft to get a proper market share.

Handhelds in countries like japan are huge.

I don't use my PSP much but i would probably by a xbox mobile/portable if it had good compatability with windows and the 360 (Something like remote play).

Counter_ACT3580d ago

The Zune sucks. They should do something else, I agree. Not sure about Xbox Mobile though, it's well too late to enter the handheld market now.

MajesticBeast3580d ago

yay rrod for on the road. Getting the same frustration on the road when trying to finish the game fun for the whole family. Wow they are gonna make a smaller product thats just bound to overheat.

Cajun Chicken3580d ago

It could be good, no idea what exclusive game franchises they could get to work on it though.

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