Byronic Man: Metacritic is 'utterly flawed'

Develop's columnist blasts the controversial review scores website: Develop's monthly columnist today takes a look at the Metacritic website, which has become one of the industry's most controversial and influential resources of opinions on games.

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Ghyst3606d ago

Of course xbot's would approve this lame blog, since killzone 2 is right around the corner, with great scores on metacritic, it must be flawed now!!1 lol

creeping judas3606d ago

1) if you want to call someone an xbot, open zone is that way, please read the rules.>>>>>
2) don't comment on an article if you haven't read it. Your ignorance shines thru then.

lokiroo4203606d ago

judas , is self moderating within rules, im pretty sure that is left to the moderators. If you have a problem with someone report and leave it to those responsible for laying down the law.