Gillette's New Gaming Shaver

Working today in the receiving bay at the local Walmart, i was amazed to see that Gillette's New Display Item, the "Gillette Fusion Gamer".


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GOS_SAND-MAN3579d ago

IMO, Fusion is worth the upgrade from M3, but there is no real difference between the "Gamer" model and the regular fusion aside from the paint scheme..

Marcello3578d ago

Yea odd ?? just a color difference is that all ?

Mutley4163578d ago

oHH I`m gonna get my shave on...

mindedone3578d ago

But perhaps it's to get some of you guys to finally get up off the couch and groom yourselves (you know who you are)

Counter_ACT3578d ago

Not sure what makes it appeal to gamers. What a lame marketing scheme.

AuToFiRE3578d ago

This product will fail, REAL gamers dont shave =P
they are too busy playing games to have time for this "hygiene"

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