Your View on PS3 BC

Next Generation received a large mailbag these past 24 hours. Click through for some of your best letters and their responses.

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THAMMER14306d ago

Good read. This will be a good comment thread. I can not wait to get some good laughs.

cuco334306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

so let's get that out in the open. i appreciate all forms of gaming. currently i own and play pc/wii/360/ps2 and am looking forward to next year for a ps3 when the titles come out. BR/hd dvd means nothing to me, i refuse to spend $30 for a movie i'll watch once. i'm in the US group. but i must say that sony has been acting beyond retarded with the whole issue of BC. they took personal jabs at MS's system for not being 100% BC yet at launch they themselves weren't and now europe, aka sonyland, is getting it worse than US/Japan did. their arrogance is getting the better of them, follow what you preach sony!
BC might not be your choice but imagine those who already sold/traded in their ps2 hardware only to find out their favorite titles MIGHT NOT work until some patched firmware months down the line. and proof on why you would want BC, developer's make different versions of games. fifa 07 on ps2 >>> fifa 07 on the next gen systems; likewise suits for the other soccer title PES. and that's just soccer titles. i picked up fifa 07 for ps2 over 360 simply because it had more to offer and didn't feel like a pretty game with missing tidbits.
in the end it's simple really, if u go on preaching 100% BC stating how that's another plus; then do so. do come later on when you have troubles and say 'well, it's not really that important'
i stopped believing what sony has said since the ps2 (where was the aol client? netscape browser? etc etc?!) and it seems the ps3 is following the same suit, no matter how powerful it is or how great the games will be for it. this is something they had to do, business is about making money, and hacking tidbits away to save on cost is smart, but not so smart when the consumer gets the brunt of the hacking

techie4306d ago

It is important, they are hypocrits. Hopefully the support will be strong. Blah. I'm drained.

tethered4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

From: June 5, 2006:

"Of course, including the extra hardware drives up costs. The magazine adds that Sony plans on removing the PS2 chipset from future revisions of the PS3 hardware once it has finished development of a proper software-based PS2 emulator. Such a removal would help bring down costs for the system.

Sony has repeatedly stated that PS2 software would run on the PS3 through software emulation, leaving many to believe that the company had developed a powerful emulator for the older hardware. This would have been a particularly impressive feat, considering that even the PlayStation 2 originally used a combination of hardware and software to maintain backwards compatibility with original generation PlayStation games."

Really really old news. I cant believe people here are so bent out of shape.

timmyp534306d ago

at least the price will go down faster for gamers.

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