AOTS Hosts, Olivia Munn And Kevin Pereira Dive Into Gigantic Pie

Attack of the Show hosts Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira celebrate the success of their bid for America to observe a National Pie Week by stripping down into French maid outfits and diving into a giant pie. Yes, you read that correctly - Olivia Munn, French maid outfit, and pie. The video speaks for itself.

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Cookigaki3575d ago

Cookigaki loves pie. Maybe that means Olivia Munn will have Cookigaki babies since we are so alike?

Vault Boy3575d ago

She's only half Asian, but I agree with what you're saying.

Twizlex3575d ago

Quartasian is just a word meaning "part Asian". It doesn't literally mean a quarter Asian.

Vault Boy3575d ago

Oh, my mistake. In that case I fully agree with you :)

eelnats20003575d ago

That was epic! Olivia is hot.

Bubbles for everyone!

DavidMacDougall3575d ago

She is hot!!! See when the pudding was pulling her skirt down :) LOL

Xandet3575d ago

Now THIS is the stuff that makes G4 bearable to watch.. I never thought I would see pudding be the cause of some flashed Munn panties, but now I have. Indeed, there is a God. Finally.. undeniable proof.

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h0tz0rz3575d ago

Wow, why doesn't she just do the whole show in a bikini or something?

Milk is for Babies3575d ago

I get that you are being sarcastic because you are a girl, but I agree with you. She should do the whole show in a bikini! Not that I mind the costumes...

eelnats20003575d ago

she has plenty of bikini pictures on her site, and


Cookigaki3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Cookigaki prefers costumes to just bikini.

ToastyMcNibbles3575d ago

lmao love the look on kevs face starting at 5:48

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The story is too old to be commented.