X-Play - Mr. Sark: Killzone 2 Impressions Part 2

"In part 2 of Mr. Sark's 'Killzone 2' Impressions, Mr. Sark talks about the PlayStation 3 exclusive's multiplayer campaign including the eight maps, unlockable player classes, match objectives and more."

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PotNoodle3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

Torgo from PSNATION kills Mr Sark!

Endorphin3607d ago

I want his job damn it!

C_SoL3606d ago

It's so sad seeing people downgrade a game that's so beautiful and yet it plays nothing absolutely nothing like COD4.

Yipee Bog3606d ago

But she asked him if you can change classes on the fly within the match, he replied no. I don't know but I could change between classes in a match, but the change didn't take effect until my next respawn. Just wondering if anyone else caught that.

360degrees3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

However I seem to remember LBP getting "Rave" Reviews (Just as Killzone 2 currently has) and selling Extremely poorly, lets just hope history does not repeat itself with this next playstation exclusive, ...Hype and Reviews can not sell Games on their own...its up to the owners of the ps3's to buy them (or at least thats what they are supposed to do because they have yet to do so)

PotNoodle3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

Yeah because sales of a game are the be-all-and-end-all to us gamers. I don't care what it sells, i get to enjoy it.

KillzoneKid3607d ago

However Fable 2 hasnt reached 2m worldwide

LBP will reach 3/4 m lifetime

KZ2 is an FPS and has way more hype than any PS3 game

the game will shatter sales records at launch

for reference check the most preordered game on retailers' lists


BLuKhaos3607d ago

Well KZ2 is a "mature" FPS while LBP is a "cutesy/kiddy" platformer so it has a better chance of selling 2 million units faster than LBP did.

morganfell3607d ago

Oh, whats the matter. Worrid about Killzone and the PS3? Obviously.

Another thing to consider is that LBP is one of those games that has sales longevity. It can maintain a steady pace over time and a vast number of new PS3 buyers pick up LBP. Fable II on the other hand isn't a game that has that type of appeal. Tough but true.

Just ignore guys like 360degrees. They are living on borrowed time and they know it.

Blaze9293607d ago

"the game will shatter sales records at launch " doubt reasonable now, come on.

Tomkar3606d ago

dude it's good you will enjoy you're game but you should care for the sales. Guerilla Games made an excellent game they need a reward for their hard work :D

PotNoodle3606d ago

I do want it to sell well, yes - but there were days when we didn't even know the sales numbers of games and consoles and we were just as happy as we are now (if not happier).

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Liquid Snake3607d ago

Man, Morgan Webb is smoking hot!

lokiroo4203607d ago

lookin not so good with that new do! was it just me or did they act like they just finished doin the horizontal polka before they went on?

djtek1843607d ago

I heard her & Adam hit it off one time.

legendkilla3607d ago

she's like a linebacker for the pittsburgh steeler's!!

jams_shop3607d ago

WTF?!! Is that how a drug addict looks like?

ThanatosDMC3606d ago

Dunno, i just typed "Tranny" in youtube. Actually i've been doing that quite a lot now on my comments.

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Rikyfree3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

Sark is wrong on a few of his statements, and as stated on the site itself, I will now place here what was wrong.

"Ok. Here goes. First of all, it's called Bodycount, not team slayer, but that's nitpicking. Sorry. Secondly, the engineers secondary ability is the ability to fix ammo dispensers and mounted guns, while it is the TACTICIAN's secondary to call in an airborne sentry bot. Also, you CAN change classes in the game, but only after you die. I think that is what you meant to say. I know you liked the game. That is fine, it is just that I don't like people that spread misinformation, willingly or unwillingly."

PotNoodle3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

Yeah i was scratching my head when he said you can't change your classes on the fly, which you pretty much can - just die and you get to change classes and badges :P

BLuKhaos3607d ago

He most likely said Team Slayer so that X-play's slower X360 fans can understand the gist of what body count is.

Max Power3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

he is complaining with the fact that you can change classes after you die, isn't that how it was in COD 4 "i died but now i can change from light weight gun to a heavy gun?"

moodymofo3607d ago

pick up weapons from the ground? will you then add to the weapon stats that you pick up?

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