Killzone: The comic that never was

DreamWave Comics was working on a comic based on the Killzone universe. However, it never saw the light of day due to the company's financial meltdown.

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peedie163577d ago

this could have added a nice back story to the killzone universe

San Frandisco3576d ago

if you have killzone 1 (like me) you just look in the very last page of the booklet for it and youll see the advertisement.

if the very (and only) 1st issue allready hit shelves then ima try and find it if i can.


redsquad3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Don't think the first issue ever made it out, sadly. I remember seeing some (rather murky) art in a preview on the DW website but nothing more.
I see the article mentions DW produced "Kick Ass Transformers and GI Joe" comics.
Hmmmmm.... For one thing, I never considered their TF comic very good and for another, they didn't produce the Joe series (that was Devil's Due!) - Unless they mean the single crossover series they did (nerd alert!)

redsquad3576d ago

I remember looking forward to the KZ comic then being disappointed to lose it because of the whole Pat Lee/DW fiasco (I was also getting their Transformers comic at the time).
Hope someone picks up the license now the second game is here, but given how long it took for HALO to get to printed form, I'm not holding my breath.

Lanontscuz3576d ago

they release it at PSN for a download...i would buy it

chidori6663576d ago

GREAT! the universe of kill zone is much amazing is one the best storyline of create for fps (no doubts this) the "helghast" charachter is one most awesome ever see.