CNN stop blaming video games

BlackAss from Black and White Games writes: It seems now a days the main source of news is through big broadcasting networks such as CNN, Fox News, & MSNBC just to name a few. The problem isn't the news they report, but how they report it & spin it to fit their propaganda & slanderous agenda. I'm tired of the media & society in general blaming video games for people who are unfit to live in our society. Every time there is an unfortunate victim of violence & the perpetrator happened to play a video game or games right away it's the video games that influenced that person to commit such heinous & unthinkable acts.

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dothiprotest3577d ago

i completely agree and first

andyo133577d ago

f*ck off cnn. Cnn displays more violence and sex and nudity than video games do so they're f*cking hypocrytes

Blaze9293577d ago

um...stop watching CNN?

yamamoto1143576d ago

Everyone plays video games now. So, in essence, everyone who commits a crime plays video games. Uhh... okay. So let's blame it on something that everyone does.

Consumer press reasoning ftw.

dylz3577d ago

couldn't of said it better I don't think till our generation reaches it's 40's will the media potray video games in a positive light as the magority of older people have no idea about gaming the fox mass effect debacle being a perfect example.

drsnicest3577d ago

Fox News is so one-sided its not even funny. That network is run by conservatives who are stuck & in love with the "good ol' days". The problem is some people who watch the news think whatever they report is true & won't bother trying to research the subject to get the facts. Most people are content with the half-assed truths they report & only the educated are the ones that get the whole story instead settling for that one-side to every story mentality they have!

dinkeldinkse3577d ago

Because it's not just Fox, CNN and MNSBC are just as bad.All three networks are extremely biased and too say fox is the worst or the only one leads to two possible conclusions, your either a very liberal democrat or have never watch CNN or MSNBC(besides dateline)ever.

drsnicest3577d ago

I was just commenting on what dylz said about Fox & the Mass Effect debacle. I totally agree that CNN & MSNBC are just as bad if not worse there is not question about that!

lord_of_balrogs3577d ago

Yes people are motivated to do violent acts after seeing them in videogames. If that's the stance CNN and Fox are going to take then they should take a look at their programming. CNN has war footage all the time playing showing explosions and gunfights whereas Fox has numerous tv shows with violence such as 24. If videogames are a problem then they should blame their own media as well.

Sibs3577d ago

What did they find to blame when videogames didn't exist? Surely not what really caused the incidents, because that would just be silly.

Surely they blamed the hippies.

drsnicest3577d ago

Movies used to get the same sh!t as video games do back in the day. Why do you think they can show people getting dismembered & sex scenes out the ass in a movie and it gets a cool R rating? If a video game developer put the same thing in his video games he would have to censor it or tone down the graphic content so they can get that M for Mature because if not then they would rate it AO & Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo won't allow an AO game to be put on their console.

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The story is too old to be commented.