GameTrailers: Killzone 2 New Elevator Gameplay

More never before seen footage has been uploaded by Gametrailers.

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The Captain3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

This is a sweet video!!

sonarus3487d ago

KZ2 lighting is something else

Stationfan3487d ago

Funny racial slur coined up for the helghast "Higs" we gotta get those higs off our back

beavis4play3486d ago

please don't pull up racial cards. games are supposed to be fun.

Helghast Slayer3487d ago

Who ever says killzone2 is not amazing needs to quit playing video games after 27th FEB.

biosrios3487d ago

why is there no flashlight??? every other game has it, and nothing sets an atmosphere like a flashlight and a good lighting system. killzone 2, you've failed me

Bathyj3487d ago

Gears didn't have a light.

felidae3487d ago

well, there is a flashlight. i think i saw it in the latest KZ2 video on gametrailers

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The story is too old to be commented.