220° launches massive site overhaul

PSU Writes: "If you're reading this article, you're browsing the new version of We've been working on "Version 3" of the site behind the scenes for a long time, and today we finally launched it. Hooray!

PSU Version 3 is far more than a mere layer of visual finesse (though it certainly does look quite pretty). We wanted to make the site more functional, yet simpler to navigate. That task took a great deal of time and effort, but we're extremely proud of the final product. While we realize there might still be a few minor kinks to work out, we'll continue to polish PSU and the new PS3Forums until we're 100% satisfied with their functionality. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the new and improved PlayStation Universe!"

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chaosatom3608d ago

this site look cool.

I will bookmark it.

KillzoneKid3608d ago

I think it will get 9.5 minimum

STEVIE_3608d ago

Nope, I'm reading this article straight from the comfort of N4G. Ahhh, life is bliss.

Counter_ACT3608d ago

Looks alright. Not amazing though.

mrdxpr23608d ago

wow incredible how psu whent from a crumy website called ps3land i remeber those days before the ps3 launched i used to go to that site everyday then they joint forces with another site and maid psu and got a new look and now they have a new look psu is a great site for playstation related news ....and for themes thats where i download all my themes for ps3 and psp

KillzoneKid3608d ago

it is good to see that the site has grown so big that it is listed at metacritic and is one of the biggest gaming websites ever

good job PSU

Max Power3608d ago

that Jpinter will actually write an article on his own, that isn't two paragraphs and stolen from another site?

KillzoneKid3608d ago

enjoy x360's death on 27th feb

BTW PSU is listed at metacritic. but not even your family members know u

Rice3608d ago

I remember when I use to go there. Great site and great community.

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