IGN: Bejeweled 2 Review

It's Bejeweled 2. A solid port of Bejeweled 2, but Bejeweled 2 nonetheless. If you love the game, the $10 is worth it. If you're only a passing fan, you might as well just stick with the free online version. You don't have as many options, but it's still addictive and will appease your match three puzzle hunger.

Presentation - 7.0
Graphics - 5.0
Sound - 4.0
Gameplay - 7.5
Lasting Appeal - 7.0
Overall -

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chaosatom3605d ago

10 bucks is a lot. how about 5?

I mean, Eden is like 10 bucks, and other good psn games which is ok, since there is a lot of content.

meepmoopmeep3605d ago

yeah, for that price i'll get it for iPod/Phone
it's a better game for on-the-go casual play

labaronx3605d ago

five bucks because it has trophies and remote play.

JonahFalcon3605d ago

Does it come with the same impossible Achievements as the Xbox 360 version?

Cajun Chicken3605d ago

The c**p starts to flow in PSN. I knew a port of Magic Ball making a PSN appearance was a bad sign...

Could of at least put Crimsonland and DNA