Killzone 2 Gun Deck Gameplay (Spoilers)

Full-auto rifles not big enough? How about an AA gun?

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The Captain3486d ago

That is so cool!! I cannot wait to control those bad boys!!

edwineverready3486d ago

This is so much more engrossing.

edwineverready3486d ago

epic gameplay footage. it does have major spoilers

dukadork23486d ago

the wait is killing me!

edwineverready3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

hope i get it 23 24 i am from Europe and my game shop sells me the game when he gets it. finish single player first then 27feb online.

IQUITN4G3486d ago

Not saying anything about the game but wanted to know something from you guys.Who here thinks the Introduction of Killzone2, where it zooms out into space an past exploding ships etc is in fact real time

It's obvious to me that it isn't but what do the majority of you think or rather believe to be the case

edwineverready3486d ago

it's not real time. it's the only cgi intro in the game the rest of the cutscenes are all in game

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