MadWorld Tries to Win Loyalty of Westerners

The company behind MadWorld has announced that they intend to win over the loyalty of westerners.

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cain1413577d ago

I'm just pumped to see something different coming to the wii. Platinum games has some cool projects in the works, best of luck to them!

burgercomic253577d ago

I'm just eager to see wether they will actually promise to do what they say...seems to be plenty of work

Viewtiful3577d ago

For me this is really the first game since Mario Galaxy that made me actually want to own a Wii.

cain1413577d ago

It's one of the few games I'm planning on buying...

burgercomic253577d ago

I will definitely get this game as well

outlawlife3577d ago

lets just hope it doesnt really really hope

N4g_null3577d ago

It's a fighter game play wise and your main goal is to kill people so the specs give you more points for some sinister reason of course. The kills are way way over the top and almost tom and jerry like yet it keeps flashing back to a dark under tone with the style. The controls are classic no more heros and if these guys are smart they will include a God hand difficulty setting for the guys that love their fighters dead hard like double dragon 2!

So far they have every thing in place. People wanted NMH to have a certain control style "1:1" yet once they found out it had "get it right, wario ware smooth moves" move finishers lots of people no longer liked it yet we all know they missed out big time.

This game already has what NMH did not the same type of art direction that is part of the characters is now part of the environments. With Suda 51 making a new NMH, things should be heating up here.

I don't remember a lot of good reviews for NMH either.... yet I had fun with it. Could it be better maybe but the game was worth the price based on the style and game play.

I'm not sure when mad world comes out but they do need to make it know that game play wise it does get harder and not in a cheap way, but I'm not sure if any reviewer has played the bosses yet... If you remember in NMH the bosses are crazy hard for most games and the reason why most gamers don't know how truly cool NMH is.

There you go some co-op would help! So far they seem to have gotten the game right.

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The story is too old to be commented.