New Xbox Experience Prototypes Revealed

Microsoft hired design firm Gridplane to prototype several versions of the New Xbox Experience, and now the company has posted a few images of one of its early concepts.

"These examples represent one of many concepts that we worked on," writes Gridplane on its website. "In addition to the menu systems, we dreamt up an immersive 3D environment for users to explore."

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INehalemEXI3576d ago

I want to see some kind of Akuma type Animated Aura around my avatar guy.

NaiNaiNai3576d ago

i want some cool cloths. like ninja gear or something.

Kushan3575d ago

Going by those screens, I definitely feel they've picked the best one, although I can see bits of the current NXE in all of them.

navyguy213575d ago

thats ugly, im glad they chose not to use that crap lol

Pleth3575d ago

As much as I am a die hard XBL player and devouted gold member, the avatar that one is given is beyond lame. HOME has nothing worthy of more than 5 minutes of your time but at least my guy can wear a real hoddie and not look like a bubble. 100% of the reason I go online with LIVE is to shoot as many people as I possibly can. If I MUST look at some second life reject while in the menu, at least don't make it something my 11 year old daughter thinks is "tight".

Don't abandon us old school gamers. We don't like all your tricky wicky whippersnapper computerized trouble! Drop the fluff!

Rice3575d ago

I think you posted in the wrong article because it's about prototype shots of the nxe not about which online service is better. Your comment has been certified as an epic GTFO

JosefTor3575d ago

I don't know but I think I like these prototypes better. But... most of all I like the original blades much better. I hate the way it is now. It makes looking at my friends list almost unusable and it takes too long to do what I want.

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