The most influential mods on PC


"Modding, the great retort of the PC Gamer; Whenever a snooty console player boasted of superior visuals for lower cost, the modding scene was there to kick ass and take names. For those of you not in the know, a game modification (mod) is a user-created content that varies from tweaking gameplay balance, adding new units, changing the way the game looks or sounds and even adding new gamemodes. With Consoles now starting to get in on the action, we figured it was time to recap the most influential Mods on PC, alphabet style."

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INehalemEXI3604d ago

Nude female character models ftw.

Theoneneo813604d ago

Kung FU was epic by the way does any one know if the mods work if i purchase max payne through steam?

Hercules3604d ago

i think that is pretty cool

EnglishPatriot3604d ago

Theres only 1 mod I'm looking out for this year and its Black Mesa Source.

pippoppow3604d ago

I remember playing a Dragonball Z mod that looked like a tenkaichi game before DBZT1 ever came out. IT was a mod for one of the early Doom or Quake games. People rave about how achievments and the like extend gameplay time but mods are where it's truely at.

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