MMO Update: Everquest Still Making Money, Warhammer Update, LotRO Swag

This week Warhammer Online "Gets to tha Choppa" with its first expansion, and Lord of the Rings Online gives you the chance to win some pretty nice swag just by logging in. It's Friday, people, and this is MMO Weekly.

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cain1413581d ago

Even in this economy MMO's will rake in the dough...

outlawlife3581d ago

i cant believe people are still playing everquest...

Viewtiful3581d ago

lol I know right? At this point though, there can't be more than like two guys, one server and a janitor needed to maintain the game so if it's got 10K people paying $10 a months, they're making a fantastic profit.

Not to mention, developing expansion packs for that game must be like developing on Game Gear.

outlawlife3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

worse than that people still play ultima online

the only online game i miss is motorcity online, it was a very interesting and innovative community

i would love to see that game get a revive

INehalemEXI3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

There is still alot who play eq, and eq 2, not as many as wow but still many. You could even play eq1 for free now (free as in no subscription still have to buy ).

Greatest MMO of all time PvE wise IMO.

thegamereviews3581d ago

I may go back to WAR just to look at the update for a bit

Kain813581d ago

Everquest 3 will come to PS3 too.

outlawlife3581d ago

i would not hold your breath on that one